June 25, 2017

Berbice business community elated with CSEC results

The business sector in Berbice has responded with excitement at the performance of 16-year-old Shalita Appadu of New Amsterdam Secondary School who along with Anu Dev of Queens College obtained 15 grade ones at this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations.

As the news broke about Appadu’s outstanding performance, many prominent Berbicians could not contain their joy in seeing Region Six again in the headlines in the field of education.

Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association President Rohan Marray extended the chamber’s warmest congratulations to the Auchlyne Estate resident and the other top performers in the region, noting that their hard work has paid off.

Shalita Appadu

He noted that the chamber is very pleased at the news and achievements of the young lady and other top performers as their performance has again placed the ancient country prominently on the map. Marray said the chamber would not let the achievement of Appadu go unnoticed and will honour the 16-year-old for her dedication and commitment to learning.

“We are very proud of them, and we glad that they did well, and the chamber is always willing to assist them in whatever way we can in the future,” he said. Marray’s daughter who attended NA Secondary also topped the region at the 2008 CSEC examinations with 12 grade ones. She later topped the country at the 2010 CAPE examinations. He said he is happy that a student of the school has once again performed exceptionally, well breaking the tradition of the urban schools taking the lead in results.

Upper Corentyne Chamber President Vishnu Doerga was also very high in praise of Appadu and the other students who performed well. He pointed out that the successful students must keep their eyes and desires on higher education since secondary education may not be sufficient to achieve their goals in life. According to Deorga, tertiary education is not only vital for personal development but also a key in moving the country forward.

Nurisha Gobin

“The brain drain of the past has left us in a position where professionals with tertiary education instantly become valuable assets to our society,” he said. On the same note, Doerga also spoke about the work study programme which the chamber has subscribed to and said that currently two students are attached to their offices.

He is encouraging employer to allow students a well rounded experience of the work environment. He stated that this could be a key resource to the student in pursuit of higher education.

“We are extremely happy about the improvements of the results we have especially in the Berbice … we are definitely looking forward for this to be a long term trend of better results from Region six.” Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce President Imran Hamid was also excited about the news that NA Secondary has produced such outstanding results at this year’s examinations. He noted that it’s a tremendous motivating factor for other students to see their school mates perform well.

Hamid said that he is very proud of the achievement of Appadu and other top performers and stated that the daughters of two chambers members have also recorded exceptional grades.

The chamber president challenged the students who are celebrating their achievements not to get stuck, stagnated and not to be satisfied with a secondary education.

The students were also urged to hold their country close at heart. Apart from Appadu, some of the other students that performed well include Joshua Seepersaud also of NA Secondary with 12 grade ones; Sasenarine Tomby of JC Chandisingh Secondary with 11 grade ones; Elizabeth Sangster of NA Secondary with 11 grade ones; and Nurisha Gobin of Tagore memorial with 11 grade ones.