June 25, 2017

Guyana Where and What -Everything tourists need to know about Guyana

Baganara Island Resort is the place to be for tourists. The Guide gives more information on what tourists need to know

Intended for tourists to Guyana, the fourth edition of ‘Guyana Where…’ has been available in local distribution outlets for a few months now.

The fourth edition has a number of additional features, such as the outline on the trail to Lethem, a map of Georgetown, resorts of the Linden Highway, and a special on the resort on the Corentyne River.

It has retained its list and description of the recreational spots, places of interest for sightseeing; a topical review of the Low Carbon Development Strategy, Guyana’s counties and major towns, and historical information about our Dutch heritage sites.

The guidebook is very informative to both locals and foreigners, and is very much in demand. Because of this, publisher, Gem Madhoo-Nascimento would like to increase its circulation substantially in the 2011-2012 edition to 30,000, and have the copies available online. She stated that there are often email requests to post copies overseas – a very good sign for the future of the guide.

So far, 1200 copies have already been sent to the Guyana Consulate in Toronto in preparation for distribution during the big celebrations for Independence and Last Lap.

The guide, because of its petite size, is very handy to carry around in a pouch, pocket, or handbag, and carries a wealth of information on what to do and where to go while in Guyana.

Small quantities of copies are being sent to embassies and high commissions overseas. Much larger quantities go to neighbouring Suriname, Trinidad, and Brazil.

The first edition, which was launched prior to World Cup cricket, contained 96 pages. The current edition boasts 136 pages, and free copies can be obtained from the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana, and the Guyana Tourism Agency.

Guyana Where and What 2010-2011 edition

Special feature inside the guide

Featured in the guide is Cow Falls on the Corentyne River