February 25, 2018

IGG preparation underway – Nedd

National Volleyball Coach Levi Nedd confirmed that plans are heightening as he prepares to assemble the next team who will defend Guyana’s honour in the upcoming 2018 Inter Guiana Games (IGG).

Guyana Male Volleyball team won at home in 2017

Pursuing their 5th IGG volleyball title, Nedd told Guyana Times International Sport on Wednesday that pre-IGG plans were about to step up as the annual sport event approaches. The former national player said that he was currently in the process of carrying out training for the males on a weekend basis.
Nedd pointed out that the sessions have been coming along nicely to date and he expects the potential candidates to further improve their skills as time progresses. After leading Guyana to four consecutive titles, Nedd pointed out that it was critical for the players to get an early start to their training, hence the reason he commenced session since last year.
With academics playing a crucial role in the lives of most sports men and women, Nedd added that while the sessions have been consistent, he was only able to hold training on weekends due to school commitments which limit the players training attendance during the week.
After being reelected as President of the BVA on Sunday, Nedd revealed that the IGG plans were a part of the BVA’s yearly plan. He said upon discussion of the plan, moves will see selectors tackling players in Berbice before making their way to Demerara where they will complete the final search for more potential representatives.