February 25, 2018

Imbaimadai: Not just a missing town

Imbaimadai is a small mining town deep in the Cuyuni-Mazaruni region of Region Seven founded by miners.
It is not only well-known for its gold, diamond and other precious mineral deposits, but for its majestic mountains, being part of the Pakaraima range along the Guiana Highlands, its hundreds of miles of jungle, and its cold nights and steamy days.
Possessing natural richness throughout, Imbaimadai offers exciting adventures to nature lovers. (Photos by Sam Rich on Flickr)

A child playing in a tree nearby to the school

Arriving in Imbaimadai

Cascading waterfalls upriver of Imbaimadai

Getting to Imbaimadai via the Mazaruni River

Imbaimadai Primary School

Scenic view of the waterfalls

The Police Station

View of the mountains from a hill in Imbaimadai