February 25, 2018

Wedding Expo 2018 launched

The 10th Annual Wedding Expo, hosted by Roraima Airways, was launched on Wednesday at Duke Lodge, Georgetown.

Couples showcasing wedding attire at the launch of Wedding Expo 2018

With great pomp and high expectations for a grand event this year, the Wedding Expo was officially opened.
The Expo is said to provide yet another opportunity for a couple to win a million-dollar wedding.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Roraima Airways, Captain Gerry Gouveia said that the Expo would provide the selected couple with an all-expenses paid wedding and other opportunities such as an all-expenses paid honeymoon package with the couple getting to choose from an array of destinations to visit.
The Wedding Expo was inspired by a similar event held in Jamaica, and was brought home by one of the Roraima managers who proposed to have the event for couples hoping to get married.
The event started with just 10 exhibitors, but has, over the years, grown to feature a wide array of attractions beyond just the wedding aspect.
Small businesses in Guyana will also be given an opportunity to showcase their offerings.