January 23, 2018

Mo’ radio; Mo’ payoffs

Satiricus was hoping the new year would see the fellas easing up on his case. Heck, it was a free country, wasn’t it? So what if he’d voted for “change” and had gotten “exchange”? He reckoned his leaders Nagga Man and Rum Jhaat didn’t have any experience in government, and would pick that up in time and do better. At least that was the thought he shared with his friends at the Back Street Bar.
“Budday!” exclaimed Cappo. “If dem na gat experience and dem t’ief mo in two year dan de PPCEE t’ief in 23 year, me na wan’ gi’e dem mo’ experience!!”
“I’m not talking about “thiefing”!” said Satiricus huffily. “I am talking about not having experience in negotiating contracts and things like that.”
“So after the Wood Stadium contract, the warehouse contract, the pharma contract and now the oil contract,” asked Hari plaintively as he nursed his beer, “when will they get enough experience?”
“Well at least they gave out more radio contracts like they’d promised,” smirked Satiricus. “They’re learning.”
“Yea! But wha’ dem l’arn?” asked Bungi, who was listening carefully. “A only dem fr’en who bin gi’e dem money in FUCOP get radio sta-shan!”
“Trot Man explained that was “political investment” bai!” snickered Hari. “Payback time!!”
“C’mon fellas, give the Government a break!” exclaimed Satiricus. “More radio stations mean more freedom of speech!”
“Suh how come only Mook Lall and de Shart Man get radio sta-shan” asked Cappo. “Goat bite de Stabber News?”
“And de guvment check if dem ‘fit an’ prapah’ fuh run radio sta-shan?” demanded Bungi before Satiricus could answer.
“What do you mean?” asked Satiricus.
“That’s what the law demands – good character!” assured Hari. “People who did backtracking and messing around shouldn’t get radio stations.”
“An’ Sato, me friend, Nagga Man gat nuff experience wid da!” explained Cappo. “Na fuget da bin ‘e jaab wid Chuddi!”
“Na worry, Sato. Yuh guh l’arn,” assured Bungi. “Ev’ry fowl does feed pan ‘e own craw!”