January 23, 2018

An untamed adventure

Located three hours south of the border town of Lethem, through rivers and remote land, lies Saddle Mountain.
Saddle Mountain is the backdrop to a Guyanese-owned working cattle ranch.
Days at Saddle Mountain Ranch are spent riding horses, rounding up cattle and relaxing while taking in the fresh, sweet air of the savannah. There is also a small creek nearby for a cool dip.
Though there isn’t any electricity, phone or mobile coverage, and things are quite basic at the ranch, a small solar-charged battery provides lights in the evening, and a water pump in a well provides running water to the house.
Visitors of the ranch can also climb Saddle Mountain, a tough, but short climb. The view from the top really puts it in perspective how in the middle of nowhere the ranch really is.
For birdwatchers, a trek to the mountain might provide an opportunity to see the four-inch Red Siskin bird. (Guyana Times Sunday Magazine)

Breathtaking landscape of Saddle Mountain

Saddle Mountain Ranch

Saddle Mountain is said to be culturally and spiritually significant to the people living in its vicinity (Photo from mike.teczno.com)

Home of the Red Siskin near Saddle Mountain Ranch (Photo by Jon Hornbuckle)