June 25, 2017

GAOG hosts Black History Month Literary Affair

By Natasha Waldron Anthony


Rodney Foster - Remember Wen and Walk in My Shoes - Trinidad & Tobago

As part of the Black History Month celebrations in the United States, the Guyana Association Of Georgia

Neville George, in for his brother Mortimer George - History of Berbice Cricket - Guyanese

(GAOG) hosted its first-ever literary affair at GAOG’s Decatur, Georgia secretariat last Saturday, February12th.

The event saw the participation of several self-published Caribbean-American authors, poets and short story writers who live in the Metro Atlanta area. Among the authors at the event were three of four popular Guyanese authors: Charles Liverpool, Kim JonQuille Hodge and Austin Thompson. Absent was Mortimer George.

Austin Thompson, who is also the association’s president, told Guyana Times International, following the event, that the literary affair was aimed at allowing him and his colleagues the opportunity to discuss their books and sign copies for readers. According to him, the focus is on recognizing and featuring local talent who do not have access to major outlets to promote their works. He added that, unlike celebrities, sports athletes, accomplished academicians, and politicians, these struggling authors rely on those outlets in the community to provide a platform on which they can promote their work and themselves.

He dubbed the event a success, and said the organization prides itself on seeking ways to open up avenues for the local authors who are self-published. “As self-published authors, the recognition from major publishing houses and book sellers is non-supportive. So, as an organization, we are opening up…markets that are interested in the subjects or contents on which these authors have written.” the author and president of the Guyana Association Of Georgia contends: “Without these activities, the frustration remains when self-published authors can’t access traditional resources, that are out of reach to them but within reach to more accomplished individuals.” Other participants at the Black History Month literary affair included Anthea Rullow, a poet from Grenada, and authors Rodney Foster of Trinidad and Kelli Gordon of Jamaica.

During this month, GAOG will host a meet-and-greet event with Ambassador Bayney Karran, on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at its secretariat. Thompson pointed out that the meet-and-greet will focus on discussions with the Guyanese community concerning issues at home and within the Guyanese diaspora. Additionally, as part of Guyana’s 41st Republic anniversary celebrations on February 23, the organization will convene a church service on February 20 at Holy Cross Episcopal church.

Thompson extended Republic Anniversary greetings to all Guyanese, and said GAOG will continue working to positively impact the Guyanese community in Georgia.