December 14, 2017

Ming advocates for new generation of racers

– views radicals as financially efficient for CMRC

Veteran Racer and businessman Stanley Ming is adamant that a new generation of racers should be developed in the Caribbean.

Stanley Ming

“Stop and reflect on what it is you are trying to do for motor sports in the Caribbean and whether it is you are going to concentrate on the older generation of racers or you will focus on building a generation of young people to participate at the sport at the highest possible level”.
Ming’s comments came as he addressed the gathering at the awards ceremony and dinner for the 2017 Caribbean Motor Racing Championships (CMRC) last Sunday at the Ramada Princess Hotel.
The former President of the Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) and ace rider is of the opinion that the financial burden of running Group Four cars for an entire season has seen a decline in competitors.
“I see a rapid decline in motor cycle racing, I see a rapid decline in the higher class of motor car racing over the last couple of years and the reasons are simple, it has become far too expensive for most people to afford a Group Four car and to run it for an entire season”.
According to Ming, the shift should be me made to the radical series which gives financial stability.
“I have bought two of those cars and I can tell you that car can race throughout the Caribbean for an entire year and the only thing you will have to change is brake pads, tyres and add fuel. That car is designed to run not for just one year in racing but for more than two years of racing”.
This season most territories were unable to send large touring contingents to the other rounds held in Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. Guyana themselves suffered due to the same reason as they came second to the twin island republic who retained their CMRC title after amassing 1267 points as compared to the second-place Guyanese on 648 points.
For Ming, the future will come from those that are being nurtured from the new GT Motor Sport facility located at GMR&SC.
Outside of Guyana he was in high praise of the Suzuki Series in Barbados which competitors can use and then gravitate to radicals. His belief is that such series test the drivers and not “who has a bigger wallet”. (Akeem Greene)