January 21, 2018

Order in the House

Satiricus was all agog at the goings on in Parliament. As usual, he knew he’d have to defend his leaders Nagga Man and Rum Jhaat in the Back Street Bar gyaaf. He felt very lonely nowadays as day by day, his friends in the KFC were jumping ship as it headed onto rocky shores.
“Budday! Who ah de Security Minista?” asked Bungi even before Satiricus could take his seat. “Rum Jhaat or Nagga Man?”
“Rum Jhaat,” answered Satiricus, uncertainly. “Why you ask?”
“Man, me hear Nagga Man call Jaggo Bai wan “domestic terraris’!” Bungi chuckled. “Yuh know if ‘e check wid Rum Jhaat?”
“Rum Jhaat gat ‘e own trouble,” grinned Cappo. “Yuh notice how dem a fyah all ‘e Police big wan dem!”
“But let’s get back to Nagga Man getting his buckta all in a knot,” said Hari. “How he could accuse Jagdesh of crossing the line when he calls waving a placard “domestic terrorism?”
“Well it’s the context, you know,” offered Satiricus. “This was Parliament!”
“Suh Prezzie can stick ‘e finga in abee country eye, an’ Jago must skin ‘e teet’ in Parlament?” demanded Cappo.
“Well, Prezzie has his opinion and Jagdesh has his,” said Satiricus. “Can’t they agree to disagree?”
“Sato old friend,” said Hari. “This isn’t whether Jago like Banks and Prezzie likes Stag. This is promising Jago one thing for the country’s good and then doing the opposite!”
“But na only da,” interrupted Bungi. “Pick sense fram nansense. Wha’ mek Prezzie guh pick dis big fight fuh Patto?”
“Chief Patto!” grinned Cappo before Satiricus could answer. “’Wha’ mek ‘e pick Dessie ole fr’en if nah fuh rig de elekshan?”
“But we don’t know that!” protested Satiricus.
“Suh if wan cyar knack yuh down waan time, and yuh see ya come again,” said Cappo, “Yuh guh wait fuh ‘e knack yuh dong before yuh jump a-side?”
Satiricus knew when to stay quiet.