January 23, 2018


…and disorder in the House
The PPP outfoxed the PNC once again in the National Assembly — which had become “Parliament” with the presence of Prezzie — by using the classic manoeuvre of “misdirection”. They signalled they were going to launch a campaign of “non-cooperation” against the PNC-led coalition Government on account of Prezzie’s unilateral appointment of (acting Chief?) Justice Patterson as the Chair of GECOM.
In the past, Jagdeo and his MPs would normally exit Parliament when Prezzie gave his “throne speech” – and the PNC obviously thought this was going to be the pattern once again. But this time the PPP, led by Jagdeo, stayed in their seats, and as soon as Prezzie began his peroration of his Government’s “achievements”, the PPP MPs whipped out placards they’d secreted. Accompanied by chants and desk thumping, the PPP drowned out Prezzie’s entire speech with verbal illustrations of their signage.
The main charge, of course, was “RIGGING” — referring to the rather transparent move by the PNC, led by Prezzie, to rig the 2020 elections so they could have another 28 years at the helm, as they’d done in 1968. Key to the exercise — in which horses and various farm animals in England voted, had been the appointment of a pliant and compliant GECOM Chair. Then it was Justice Donald Jackman, and later Justice Bollers; and now it is Justice James Patterson.
Far from being the paragons of “impartiality, integrity, honesty, faithfulness, and diligence” which Prezzie had insisted Jagdeo’s nominees should possess, the first two Justices (REAL Chief Justices to boot!!) had proven to be so morally deficient it’s not surprising alarm bells went off in the PPP when Prezzie INSISTED on a Justice this time around, and then went and arbitrarily plucked an 84-year-old one out of retirement!!
What do the old people say? “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!” So what would the PPP tell the world if they allowed the PNC to fool them THRICE??!!
Anyhow, even though Prezzie cast some cold glances at Speaker Scotland, he didn’t use his prerogative and call the session to a halt, or throw out the PPP MPs. He realised that if he did either, the PPP would’ve scored an even more telling victory in the battle for Constitutional Government in Guyana.
To halt the proceedings would also mean Prezzie couldn’t speak – an indication the PPP put a spoke in his wheel; and if the PPP MPs were ejected, they could claim their right to free speech was violated.
In, of all places, Parliament, where MPs can say anything unless slanderous!! In front of Prezzie, who was boasting of “democracy”!!
…and acting
The funny thing was: Justice Patterson was in the gallery while all the above drama was going on (down?), and when all the noise about his nomination was being made, but it didn’t seem to faze him. He at least cleared up the controversy that had been created by his own unilateral declaration on his CV –that he’d been the Chief Justice of Grenada. He now admitted he’d been just “acting” for a “short time” — but he couldn’t remember exactly when!!
Now, as we know from our (bitter) experience in Guyana, there’s a WORLD of difference between an “acting” Chief Justice and a Chief Justice. But even in an “acting” appointment – like when Prezzie made Justice George our present Acting CJ — it’s not just something casual; it calls for a swearing-in ceremony, and most of all, it brings AN INCREASE IN SALARY! And all of this Patterson FORGOT??!!
He claimed it was a “Lapsus calami” – “a slip of the pen”.
But that’s what worries the PPP. He might “slip his pen” when counting votes!!
…and glass houses
The Muckraker pointedly pointed out some of the PPP placards, had “misspelt words”. But that’s because some low-level grunge didn’t pay attention.
What about in the same report, the Muckraker writing: “when the heckling had subdued…”.
That’s “subsided”, wanker!!