January 23, 2018

Guyanese designer launches “My heart beats in Africa”

Models hit the runway in over 130 exotic pieces from the “Shape” 2018 collection, bringing to life the creative vision of local fashion designer Donna Ramsammy James as she again stole the limelight in Guyana’s local fashion industry.
The 20th annual staging of “My heart beats in Africa”-themed fashion show, which exhibited both male and female attire incorporating the softness of Asia, the depth of Africa and the colour of the Caribbean, was inspired by James’s recent visit to Nairobi in Kenya, East Africa.
Guests attired in glamorous African-themed outfits gathered on the lawns of Herdmanston House in the cool atmosphere of Sunday evening in obvious anticipation of the much-talked-about event.
The two-hour-long mesmerizing fashion show saw several sequences featuring the diverse fashion trends of various African tribes, every design exquisite and unique.
Following the glamourous presentations, the genius behind it all, James, took to the catwalk to express her undying appreciation to supporters. She disclosed that the proceeds of the show go to the Guyana Relief Council (GRC), and she called upon Chairperson of the organisation, Mrs. Yvonne Hinds, to graciously accept the cheque.
Designs were available for purchase.