December 14, 2017

A Police thing

Satiricus was incensed. He was incensed because his leader, Rum Jhaat, was incensed. Rum Jhaat was incensed because he was in charge of the Police and things weren’t regula with his “boys”. In fact, things had gotten so bad there wasn’t a day when his dirty laundry wasn’t hanging out in the front pages of the dailies. It made for uncomfortable moments for Satiricus at the Back Street Bar.
“Suh wha’ yuh leadah seh ‘bout de drugs wha disappear fram de CID affice?” Bungi wanted to know.
“Bungi, why you hasslin’ the man?” Hari interjected to save Satiricus blushes. “Rum Jhaat already said it was ‘reckless and negligent’ officers who are responsible!”
“Da wha me wan’ fuh know,” Bungi persisted, as he polished off his beer. “Rum Jhaat a wan lawyah. How ‘e can seh police “negligent” when dem na done dem investigation?”
“What he means is at least the Police are negligent to let 2 kilos cocaine disappear,” said Satiricus at last.
“Budday! Leh abee pick sense fram nansense!” chortled Bungi. “Dis a wan police aperation fram de start!”
“What you mean?” demanded Hari, still solicitous of Satiricus’s sensitivities.
“Yuh na read de story?” asked Bungi. “Ah police gi’e police de drugs, and customs ketch dem! Suh de CID police bin gat fuh gi’e back de drug to dem mattie!”
“So why should Rum Jhaat be ashamed?” asked Hari. “It’s not like he thiefing the drugs.”
“Rum Jhaat shame beca’se ‘e rememba how ‘e use fuh moles’ Rodee!” chuckled Bungi. “An’ me fr’en’ Sato know da!!”
“Well, Rum Jhaat is in a coalition, you know,” said Satiricus. “He really can’t do what he really wants to do.”
“But na da me bin tell yuh, Sato?” asked Bungi. “De police know Rum Jhaat cyaan do dem not’in’. Dem gat ‘e like wan chris’muss blow-blow!”
“Let”s look at the bright side!” said Hari. “The police circulating the coke and keeping the economy going!!”