December 14, 2017

Life’s unexpected surprises inspire books

In her two creative and celebrated books, US-based Guyanese author Anne Coltman shares her life growing up in Guyana, narrating her struggles, adventures and loving grandmother.

US-based Guyanese author, Anne Coltman

Born in British Guiana, Anne was privileged to grow up in a household which included her maternal grandmother. She is the second of five children and the first girl born to her parents, and was often called upon at an early age to help out with her younger siblings. Anne became fascinated by the myths and beliefs that were a part of child rearing and taught to her by her grandmother.
The author migrated to the US as a young woman with her family and spent her early years having a full career while she and her husband raised their three children – two daughters and one son. She and her husband reside on Long Island, New York.
After 25 years in permanent mission at the United Nations Organization, she is now retired to devote more time to family and her passion for writing. Anne enjoys writing, classical music, theatre and antiques. She has produced a comprehensive family history as well as a book of poetry, “For the Love of Grandma” and a novel “Scarred with Fortune”.
Practicing what she learnt from her grandmother with her own children and then with her grandchildren has inspired the writing of her debut volume of poetry, “For the Love of Grandma”.
“For the Love of Grandma” is a collection of thoughts and experiences that not only preserves a long lost tradition, but also reflects on the drastic change in the role of grandmothers today and grandchildren of this age.
The author’s other book, “Scarred with Fortune”, narrates life’s unexpected surprises in a heart-warming story of enchanting entertainment as readers enter the lives of an ordinary family and open the door to their extraordinary world.
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