December 14, 2017

Escape to Nature

Sloth Island is one of the few islands on the Essequibo that was reportedly given a name by the British colonial authorities. With an area of 155 acres, it is believed that the island owes its name to the large population and variety of sloths that were found and can still be seen on the island.
This pristine forest-covered island sits a mere five minutes from Bartica on the Essequibo River, between Bartica and the east bank of the Essequibo River. The island and river surroundings teem with a variety of wildlife, flora and fauna.
The island holds many surprises. Many have been lucky to spot a variety of wildlife daytime and at night: from the two and three toed sloth, the capybara and howler monkeys to an impressive number and variety of bird species. At Sloth Island, you can relax, recharge and rejuvenate.
It is also ideal for camping, nature walks, fishing, volleyball and sand golfing.
This island hub is two hours away by land and boat from Georgetown or 15 minutes by air.
Adding to its reputation is the accessibility to the historical sites found on the Essequibo and Mazaruni Rivers, notably Fort Island and Fort Kyk-Over-Al. In essence, the island is far enough from the rush of city life and not too far from civilisation.
The resort on the island can accommodate up to 20 persons in self-contained rooms, with en suite bathroom and flush toilets, running water and lights from generators. There is also outdoor accommodation for tents, hammocks, camp fires and outdoor cooking.

Breathtaking view from one of the bedrooms

Kayaking at Sloth Island

Nature resort on Sloth Island

Observe how the sloth interacts in its habitat on the island

Rest in the hammock or enjoy a refreshing drink from the bar

Wooden walkway into the jungle