December 14, 2017

Potaro’s ancient mountains

Crumpled, ancient Potaro River mountains are a sight to behold when travelling to the Kaieteur National Park to view the magnificent Kaieteur Falls.
These mountains, made of sandstone conglomerate, are part of the Guiana Shield, one of the oldest rock formations in the world, stretching through Guyana, Venezuela and Colombia.
A tributary of the Essequibo River, the source of the Potaro is in the Mount Ayanganna area of the Pakaraima Mountains in the North Rupununi savannahs. (Photos by David Johnstone)

The crystal clear waters of the Potaro river reflects the forested mountain ranges

Potaro river rapids, downstream from Kaieteur Falls (Photo by Cody Hinchliff)

Potaro canyon from Kaieteur Falls (Photo by Allan Hopkins)

Mist descends eerily on the mountains

Magnificent mountains on the Potaro river, Kaieteur National Park

Crumpled, ancient mountains