February 25, 2018

Buffalo Pond

Buffalo Pond, near Karanambu Lodge on the Rupununi River, is accessed via a tiny stream. Hundreds of Victoria amazonica cover almost the entire surface of this small, shallow oxbow lake. The air at the pond is filled with a light, sweet, fragrance of the lilies.

Victoria amazonica at Buffalo Pond (Photo by Rick Wright)

The pond can also be quite busy with several species of heron (capped, striated, boat-billed, black-crowned night-) and egrets (snowy, great, cocoi).
Wood storks, black-collared and great black hawks lurk in the trees at the water’s edge. A few giant river otters can also be seen popping their heads up beside distant lily pads.
Buffalo Pond offers adventures and an idyllic opportunity for birding and fishing enthusiasts to experience nature at its best.

Buffalo Pond is a seasonally flooded pond and nesting ground for water birds and Arapaima near Karamanbu

A cool evening boat ride at Buffalo Pond (Photo by Thomas Wilusz)

Creek leading to the pond (Photo by Andrea and Salvador)

Aerial view of the pond taken by a drone (Photo by Andrea and Salvador)