January 23, 2018


Parabara is a small indigenous community located in Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo), along the scenic Kuyuwini River. The village was founded in 1969 and was occupied by six households. Now, the village is populated by persons who have migrated from different communities, amounting to about 23 households. The residents’ first language is Wai-Wai; second, Wapishana; and third, English.

Major economic activities in this quiet and scenic village are farming, fishing and hunting.

A primary school, ‘health hut’, church, ‘rest house’ and village office are Parabara’s main buildings. (Village information from the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs website, http://moipa.gov.gy. Photos from http://mykenlara-guyana.blogspot.com)

Loaded canoe arrives at Parabara landing on the Kuyuwini River

A section of the village

Canoe moored at Parabara landing

The village is rich in flora, like this large canopy liana also called a ‘Bush Rope’ tree

Scenic mountain and savannah on the way to Parabara