June 25, 2017

International artiste is inspired by her Guyanese heritage

With Shemar Moore on the hit show, Soul Train

Alisha Hamid, popularly known by her stage name ‘Sasha Melody’, is an international recording artiste who hails from a musical background. Her passion for music began since she was just three years old.

Alisha is the first in her family to be born in the U.S. She credits her parents, natives from Guyana, as her influence for pursuing music at an early age. Her father, who liked to DJ in his spare time, would play soca music from renowned artistes such as Byron Lee, Arrow and Sparrow, which is how she discovered her love for soca music.

“I come from a musical family. My grandfather is a pastor in Brooklyn, NY. At the age of three, I began singing on the church stage where my grandmother would play the organ and sing back-up vocals for me, and my uncles would play the guitar – forming a family band,” the 31-year-old recalled in an interview with Sunday Times Magazine.

In school, Alisha sang in the Monarch High School Concert Choir and began acting and vocal training at the Academy of Performing Arts School in Denver, Colorado at The Academy of Art.

In 2000 Alisha competed in the World Championships of Performing Arts where she was awarded three gold medals – one each for singing, acting and spokes modelling. These achievements landed her a role on the first nationally syndicated show in television history – Soul Train, hosted by Hollywood actor Shemar Moore. For three years Alisha remained on the show, which was filmed at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

Alisha “Sasha Melody” Hamid

At the age of 17, Alisha graduated from high school as a junior and was accepted in Five Towns College, New York. While in school, Alisha was an intern at Universal Music Group, Atlantic Records, and VP Records. Before her 21st birthday, she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management (Music Business).

In 2006, Alisha recorded “Whinin School”, “Fyah” and “Music”, which were all produced by Jason Lee (former band member of Atlantik), also the person who gave her the name ‘Sasha Melody’.

By 2008, the singer had performed in various cities in California, Louisiana, Florida and New York. Additionally, she appeared as a dancer in the music video for T.C., featuring Capelton called ‘Bounce’.

In 2013, Sasha Melody recorded “Land of Soca” in Trinidad, which was released for the 2014 carnival season.

The award-winning artiste’s multiple hits include “Ah want ah whina”, “Get on Bad”, “Fiya”, and “Whinin Away”, featuring soca artiste Ronnie Homer.

Outlining her future plans, Alisha said she aims to “put out more music; shoot a music video; and expand the Sasha Melody brand in other countries”.

Though not born in Guyana, the talented artiste proudly identifies herself as a “Guyanese”. Notably, Alisha cherishes her Guyanese parents and heritage, which laid the foundation for her successful music career.

For more information on the artiste, visit Sasha Melody (Official Fan Page) on Facebook; @sashamelody1 on Twitter; and Sashamelody1 on Instagram.