June 25, 2017

Moco Moco

Breathtaking photo of Moco Moco Falls by Guyanese photographer, Amanda Richards

The trip from Lethem to Moco Moco village is under 30 minutes. As you pass the village, the scene transforms from savannah into rainforest as the trail wanders through the communities favourite farmlands to the Moco Moco Falls at the base of the mountains.

Notably, it is said that most of the areas down and around Lethem seem to have been part of a highly volcanic area a long time ago. There are remnants of lava flows and lava rocks at Moco Moco Falls.

According to one visitor to the Falls, “the water was deep enough to jump off a high rock into it… There was also a really cool Jacuzzi-like area between two huge boulders. The only way to get to it though was to swim against the current through a small channel about the width of a person… a test of our swimming skills”.

Bridge across the Falls (Amanda Richards’ photo)