June 26, 2017

Berbice man in jealous rage sets home on fire

– wife, 3 children homeless

Seenarine Cyril

Seenarine Cyril

A fire believed to be an act of arson committed by a husband in a jealous rage destroyed a house at Rose Hall Town, Berbice on Monday evening.

Five persons are now homeless, including the man’s wife and three children.

Reports are that the fisherman was seen going into the house moments before flames were seen coming from the building at Lot 232 Mangrove Street, Reef, Rose Hall Town, Berbice.

Speaking with Guyana Times International, Sarita Sewindra, 26, said on Monday afternoon she lent a neighbour the family bicycle and about 15:30h her husband, Seenarine Cyril, 36, wanted to use the bicycle. Upon realising that the bike had been lent to a villager, the man accused his wife of lending it to her male ‘friend’.

Reports are that Cyril accused his wife of infidelity and made several threats. According to Sewindra, she became afraid and took her three children – aged four, six and seven – out of the house to her mother who lives a street away.

Neighbours related that it was while the rest of the family were away that Cyril was seen going into the house, moments before flames were seen.

Sarita Sewindra

Sarita Sewindra

One unit from the Rose Hall Fire Service, along with a unit from GuySuCo’s Albion State, responded to reports of the fire. The firefighters were able to contain the blaze, preventing it from spreading to other buildings, but not before it completely destroyed the one-flat house.

When the blaze was put out, Cyril was nowhere to be found.

The couple have been together for 10 years.  Two years ago, Sewindra joined her husband as a fish vendor at the Rose Hall Market, but operated her own business.

The woman said it was not the first attempt by her husband to burn the house down. According to her, he made attempts to do so twice in December of last year.

She also said that on six occasions, he attempted to take his life, the most recent being in February.

According to the fish vendor, Cyril recently threatened to kill her and give their three children poison to drink and then take his own life. This, she said, was reported to the Police who went to arrest him. In an attempt to avoid being arrested, the fish vendor tried to end his life.

According to the woman, last Thursday, Cyril took his identification card and other documents belonging to him and gave them to his mother. She said he also stopped giving her money from his daily sales. “He start taking his money and give it to his mother,” she explained.

Police have launched a manhunt for the suspect.