February 25, 2018

Guyana’s MMA fighter creates history

Shenese Bobb (left) and Sensei Troy Bobb

Shenese Bobb (left) and Sensei Troy Bobb

In less than two months in an unfamiliar territory, Shenese Bobb became a champion in a sport that is not popular locally. Due to her achievement every Guyanese should be proud and her name should become a household one, especially if she wins her rematch later this month.

On January 10 2017, Bobb enrolled in the Guyana Police Force to train, by March 4 Bobb defeated her Trinidadian rival in the Ruff and Tuff battle in Trinidad to win her first competitive bout in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

In doing so she became the first Guyanese to win a title in this brutal combat sport. The lofty 20 year old Berbician, who fought in the 132 lbs weight category is very gentle in person but fierce in the octagon.

Bobb, who hails from Rosignol West Coast Berbice, won her debut fight in less than three minutes of the first round and is expected to have a rematch with her opponent on March 25 in Guyana.

Her technique is not the best you will see because she is still at the developmental stage but her reach and counterattack is vicious and very effective.

However, this is not an issue for her trainer Sensei Troy Bobb because he understands that she is still fresh in the sport but her strides have been rapid.

Sensei Bobb was not in Trinidad to witness her success in the amateur bout and though neither of the Bobbs knew anything about the Trinidadian competitor, the Sensei was optimistic of a positive result due to his student’s potential.

According to the trainee police, she was watchful as she entered the octagon but when she analyzed her opponent she was confident of a victory and it took her a very short time to achieve success.

MMA 10-bout card is tipped to take place at the Ramada Princess Hotel in Guyana on March 25 and Bobb is expected to feature on the historic night.

Meanwhile, Bobb has begun preparation for fight night under the guidance of Sensei Bobb at the Guyana Police Force Gym with special emphasis on kicks and punches.