June 27, 2017

Gonsalves, Chan, Petterson cash in big

The Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPLF) opened their 2017 season in smashing fashion with the Junior/Novices Championship seeing a fair amount of success on Sunday at the Banks D.I.H. facility, Thirst Park.
With 22 lifters taking to the mat, Cavis Rodney endured the challenge of Indra Mekdeci to win the overall novice female unequipped prize. The 29-year-old Rodney squatted 140 KG; bench pressed 77.5 KG and dead lifted 150KG to amass a total of 367.5KG.
After the competition, Rodney said she was a bit nervous going into the competition but attributed her success to hard work and the efforts of her coaches.
Meanwhile, in the overall male junior equipped category, Hardcore gym’s Kevin Briglall amassed 474.132 wilks points with the 20 year old squatting 202.5 KG; bench pressing 112.5 KG and dead lifting 207.5 KG. Briglall piped Total Fitness gym’s 22 year old Arif Immamdeen who totaled 446.205 age-wilks points. The pair was trailed by Immamdeen’s gym mate, 21 year old Brad Davin with 417.885 age-wilks points.
Romario Gonsalves was crowned overall junior unequipped winner, with a total age-wilks points of 467.179 as the 18 year old bettered Carlos Petterson who smashed the National squat record (260 KG), lifting a total of 710 KG but the 23 year old had a 448.578 age-wilks points. Demetri Chan of Buddy’s Gym shattered three national records in the 74Kg class totaling 500KG.
Total fitness gym’s Thristan Kamal carted off with the overall novice male unequipped prize with 352.362 wilks points, eight points ahead of challenger, Triel Benjamin of Hardcore gym.
Marley Vyphuis won the overall novice male unequipped with 339.228 wilks points as he leaped the competition with a total of 540KG.