June 25, 2017

No dispute large enough

Satiricus was all choked up. He couldn’t believe men with such goodness in their hearts still walked on the face of the earth. If he didn’t let out his feelings soon, he felt he’d burst like a balloon and be splattered all over the walls of the Back Street Bar where he was held up with his usual posse.
“Fellas!” he exclaimed breathlessly. “Can you believe in two whole years, the KFC and Pee-an-See have never used the Com-in-de-burg Accord”?
“Sato…” said Hari with a worried look, as he swallowed the beer he’d just swigged. “What in the world are you talking about?”
“Don’t you guys read the paper?” Satiricus asked aggrievedly. “Rum Jhaat just said he and the other leaders in the Coalition get along so well, they just talk through whatever problems they have! They don’t need no agreement in writing!”
“Me bin fo’get ‘bout de ‘Come-in-de-burg Card’,” Bungi confessed. “KFC an APANU bin sign am Valantine Day, na?”
“Yes! Yes!” said Satiricus impatiently. “And Valentine’s coming up! It spelled out how they divided power and how they would settle disagreements.”
“But Sato, I don’t see the big deal,” said Hari, with a smirk. “Why would there be need to settle differences when whatever Pee-an-See tell KFC, Rum Jhaat and Nagga Man say, ‘Yes dear’!”
“Da soun’ jus’ like when Sato a ta’k to ‘e wife!!” guffawed Bungi. “Dem nevah fight!”
“C’mon fellas! Don’t be cynical,” said Satiricus. “What you mean?”
“Well, when APANU took away Nagga power to chair the Big meeting, what did he say?” asked Hari.
“Yes Dear!!” squeaked Bungi before Satiricus could answer.
“And when they took away half of Rum Jhaat Ministry, what did he say?” continued Hari.
“Yes dear!!” chuckledBungi with a simper.
“So what problems do they need an Accord to settle?” asked Hari, as he slapped the table.
“None dear,” said Satiricus in a deflated tone.