June 27, 2017

Youths who voted for APNU/AFC were hoping for a change

Dear Editor,
I am responding to a letter in another publication captioned ‘Give the coalition Government a chance to perform’. The writer tried to convince me to do as was stated in the caption, but it seemed that even the writer was afraid to pronounce it. The main idea was a quote from someone on CN Sharma’s Voice of the People!
I hate it when fellow supporters of the Coalition try to justify what is happening or reassure ourselves that the ‘change’ is yet to come. I remember the President and the Prime Minister asking us to be patient, when at the end of the first 100 days many of what was promised in the manifesto for the first 100 days were not achieved.
May 2015 was the first time I had voted in my life, not that I was not eligible in the previous election, but I could not find a party that truly looked like it cared for the people. In the election fever, I made a decision which I thought was the right one, helping to put this Government into Office.
We voted change for a reason, why must the author write about Lacunar Amnesia? Is that his/her excuse for the Government’s mess ups so far? If it is, then for myself and many more (who do not have a party membership status), voting for the Coalition was a great deception! Forget about the dark days! Let us talk about this ‘change’! Are we saying that the 50 per cent increase Ministers are enjoying, the multimillion-dollar Jubilee Park (which has only hosted one activity per year so far), and the drug bond scandal are acceptable? Was the real change the reduction in VAT? Well if so, then here’s some news. All the taxes we are now paying after Budget 2017 make that reduction look like something in the distant past. Why do we have to pay VAT on water and light? On medication?On communication data? Everywhere I turn, I pay VAT.
So tell me now, what about this parking meter fiasco? Was this another of the ‘change’ the Government had in mind? And don’t tell me that it is the M&CC’s business and not the Government’s. Who has to make it legal? Why can’t the Government that I helped to put into Office listen to the plea of the citizens and do something? It can’t be that the President or the Prime Minister, or any of the many Vice Presidents are afraid of Chase-Green and King! Why must billions of hard-earned Guyanese dollars go into the pockets of some Mexican millionaires?
Let me remind the author that it was undoubtedly the youths of this country that had put the Government in Office. Many of us only knew of the rule of the PPP, and all of us wanted out. We are not suffering from Lacunar Amnesia, we are looking for the change! What a foolish thing to say! To compound matters even more, the writer quoted from the Bible! Are you telling me that you are comparing the Government to God and us, the people, to Israel? I am sure you have offended God because he will never ignore, persecute and rob his people the way the Government is doing. That fever I had during the election is beginning to burn again.
Wilbert Moore