June 27, 2017

Red House is about Dr Jagan who was instrumental in our country’s development

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to weigh in on the Red House fiasco, which unfolded when the APNU/PNC/AFC Government pushed ahead with an asset recovery effort. Glaringly, such a drama is a demonstration of how Government ignored the rule of law in preference for absolute power when it attempted to illegally purge the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre (CJRC) from the Red house.

On December 29, Government demanded that the CJRC must quit tenancy within 48 hours. One day later, Government iron-fisted the CJRC when it invaded the premises in a takeover attempt. Employees from Ministry of the Presidency ripped down the “Cheddi Jagan Research Centre” sign and changed the locks. Such abuse of power should never be acceptable and should never be emulated. Government needs to give democracy a chance or else this country will drift into chaos.

By all means it is unsurprising that Government invaded the Red House, given that in all of our history, Indo-Guyanese have been strong-armed. Government needs to be reminded that plenty of civilised options are available if it wants possession of the Red House and they include – negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

The CJRC is about Dr Jagan, who was instrumental in our country’s history. But Government is way too divisive to tolerate the CJRC in the Red House. Clearly, Government lacks skills, sophistication and sensitivity necessary to run a multi-ethnic society. The impact of such a fiasco is calamitous. Government deals a death blow to racial unity which is necessary for moving this country forward. Guyanese need a Government who can unite this country and not one that divides it.

Like most Guyanese, I too was flooded with repressed memories of the abuse I endured in this country as I watched the Red House invasion. Government obviously lacks the moral standing to move this country forward. Although, Government is in the midst of an asset recovery effort, it is also draining much needed State assets that can never be recovered. How can the G$12 million per month Government spend for a drug bond to store a few boxes of condoms ever be recovered? How can the mega salary increase which Government awarded itself ever be recovered? How can funds used to cover salaries for friends and family ever be recovered? The list goes on and on. Government needs to lead by example. Government needs to know that it is hurting our country. And last but not least, Government needs to apologise to the Guyanese people for the Red House fiasco.


Annie Baliram