June 27, 2017

Let us embrace peace in this season of goodwill

Dear Editor,

At this time approaching the season of goodwill, I would like to ask all our leaders, at whatever level or persuasion they belong, to remember the following truism that I feel can provide the only avenue for lasting peace and progress in our country.

The prerequisite for peace, harmony and progress in any community is that all the parties that provide effective service are willing to forget differences, prepared to cooperate for the good of all its members, and disposed to forgetting their own preferences and to compromising to find solutions acceptable and beneficial to all.

We may be able to dupe ourselves for a time that we can generate progress by acting in a partisan manner but, as history has demonstrated over and over through the ages, it is only this earnest and selfless desire to join hands within any organisation of whatever magnitude that will result in any real and permanent progress.

Please let us inculcate the spirit of this coming season into all our interactions, and move forward as one Guyana to face the future confidently and remove all obstacles to our advancement as a united nation.

Yours sincerely,

Roy Paul