February 25, 2018

Guyana Times doing a good job at keeping Government accountable

Dear Editor,

Now that the PPP has been removed from office, all the other media houses, except for Guyana Times, have been dormant on the excesses of this present government. Oversized ministries, spiraling crime rates, unwarranted dismissal of public servants, (especially indo-Guyanese) because of their affiliation with the PPP and many other horrible mistakes of this government do not make the pages of the any of the media houses, except for the Guyana Times.

This is what Guyana has become! In spite of the mistakes of the PPP, Guyana has never seen such a terrible spate of crimes under its watch. Nor has there been such vengeful politics as we’re having now. Keep up the awesome job Guyana Times. Without this paper, God knows what this country would have become!

Business in Berbice is really suffering. Imagine stores in Rose Hall closing at 3 pm instead of 6 pm, because of the deadly crime spree. I am fearful for my future under this Government!

In the meantime, except for Guyana Times, the other media houses are in a deep slumber, only waking to attack the PPP.



Rakesh Singh