June 27, 2017

Guyana’s National Monuments

There are currently nine gazetted national monuments: Fort Zeelandia and the Court of Policy, Fort Kyk-Over-Al, Fort Nassau, State House, Red House, Umana Yana and the African Liberation Monument, 1763 monument, St George’s Cathedral and the Non-aligned Monument.

Non Aligned Monument, Company Path, Georgetown

Fort Kyk Over Al, Mazaruni and Cuyuni River junction, Essequibo

Fort Zeelandia, Essequibo

St George’s Cathedral, Georgetown

Under the National Trust Act of 1972, a monument is described as including any “building, structure, object or other work of man or of nature; whether above or below the surface of land or the floor of the sea within the territorial waters of Guyana, and any site, cave or excavation.”
The term “national monument” means any monument declared to such under Section 15. It includes any land comprising or adjacent to such a monument which, in the opinion of the National Trust, is reasonably required for the purpose of maintaining the monument or the amenities thereof; or for providing or facilitating access thereto or for the exercise of proper control or management thereto.
Guyana’s national monuments are the vested responsibility of the National Trust of Guyana, and are gazetted as such after being approved by Cabinet. (National Trust of Guyana)