January 23, 2018

Canadian family on exploration ride in Guyana

Jerome Levesque; his 13-year-old son, Erik Rajmoolie; and his wife Mercedes Rajmoolie

After nine months on the road riding on motorbikes from Canada through the Americas and into the Caribbean, a family of three is now in Guyana experiencing the sights, food, and hospitality the country has to offer.
Jerome Levesque; his 13-year-old son, Erik Rajmoolie; and his wife, Mercedes Rajmoolie intends to spend about five days in Guyana.
The trio is on a mission to explore various parts of the world, and more so experience its rich flora, fauna and cultural diversities, which have captivated their hearts.
Mechanical problems did not stop the elated explorers from continuing on their trip. Some of the countries they have visited while travelling to the Guianas were the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay.
The trio explained that the trip has been an exciting one so far, and was planned way in advance.
The youngest member of the team, Erik, said despite being away from school, he has been continuously studying as they move from one destination to the other.
In Argentina, he noted that he undertook several school projects, and the scores will be sent to his school.
His mother, Mercedes, explained that when they stop in various cities and countries, they experience the warmest welcome from citizens. She related that because they camped out on various trails, she has a small stove which she uses to prepare light meals for her family, but most times, they have their meals wherever they stop.
Mercedes, a truck driver back in Canada, noted that riding from Canada to Guyana was indeed a trip to remember. She also shared some fun moments she had in Brazil.
Levesque said the trip has brought his family closer, and he hopes that they can embark on another one to Europe in five years. Back home, he said, he works as a truck driver like his wife, but his job is more demanding and keeps him away from his family five days a week.
“This trip, while it feels strange to be with my family 24/7, it has been a rewarding experience,” he added. The trio will leave Guyana during the weekend for Boa Vista before heading to Venezuela.