June 29, 2016

Living her father’s legacy

Tanuja Raghoo

Tanuja Raghoo is the proud founder and president of Caribbean Spotlight Television Programming, the first full-service Indo-Caribbean media network in New York

An accomplished Guyanese television host and producer, Tanuja Raghoo began her tenure in the television industry nearly 25 years ago. Her company, Caribbean Spotlight Television Programming, launched in 1986, airs on several television programmes on two Time Warner Channels, Channel 96 and ITV Channel 77, and soon on local television network TVG/ 28.

In an interview with Guyana Times Sunday Magazine, Tanuja said she first entered the business as co-host with her father, Eshri Singh, a legendary Guyanese broadcaster of more than 50 years. He was a well-known radio personality on the then Radio Demerara in Guyana. With unparalleled professionalism, personality, and humility, she continues to strive for excellence in broadcasting, and is highly regarded as the best Indo-Guyanese and Indo-Caribbean broadcaster in her community.

Tanuja continues taking Guyanese/ Caribbean television programming to the next level, airing Guyanese and Caribbean programmes seven days a week, with her goal to selflessly promote the rich culture of Guyana and the Caribbean across the airwaves. For her ongoing commitment and outstanding service and performance in her community, she has earned many awards over the years from various organisations, senators and city council members.

She most recently was nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award, a proclamation presented by New York State Senator, Joseph Addabbo.

With Indian actor Arjun Rampal

A New York resident since 1983, Tanuja arrived in the U. S. with her parents to pursue the ‘American Dream’. She holds a BS degree majoring in Psychology and Business, and an MBA in Business/ Finance.

Tanuja has worked as a senior consultant at Principal Financial Group, a reputable insurance and investment company in the Wall Street area, and also held the position of senior analyst at Kaye Insurance Brokerage.

Presently Tanuja serves clients in her community as a licensed sales agent at New York’s leading brokerage firm, Prudential Douglas Elliman.

Tanuja is married to Guyanese Vishi Raghoo and is a dedicated mother to their two wonderful children, Ashley and Vinesh.

The couple also founded ‘Friends for Charity’, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the service of poor children around the world.

Amidst her busy schedule, Tanuja is a superb chef and baker, who loves to be creative in cooking many different cuisines.

One of her biggest plans she said is to launch her television programmes with local television network, TVG/ 28 in early 2012. She hopes to revolutionise entertainment television in Guyana.

On her programmes viewers would enjoy thought-provoking views and interviews with celebrities, both on the international and local platform.

“We have interviewed many Bollywood and Hollywood movie stars, famous performers and Caribbean dignitaries; some of whom include Madhuri Dixit, Shahrukh Khan, Karisma Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Aftab Shivdasani, Asha Bhosle, Kumar Sanu, Pankaj Udas, David Hasselhoff, Steven Segal, Mighty Sparrow and Devindra Pooran, just to name a few. We have also interviewed many government dignitaries from Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago,” she mentioned.

There are various segments on her programme such as ‘Bollywood Masala’, which is a fun segment filled with spicy news and entertainment from the Bollywood film industry.

Another is ‘Smart ways To Live Well’, an informative health segment that brings much needed health tips and suggestions to improve overall health and well being.

“For the past twenty years, Caribbean Spotlight has been and is continuing to make a difference in promulgating the cultures from both the East and the West. We are making a difference and bringing people together in our communities, and we hope to do so in Guyana,” she declared.