June 27, 2017

Princess International Hotel to invest millions in expanding services

– movie theatre, sports complex on the cards

Management of Princess International Hotel, Guyana has disclosed plans to inject millions of dollars in investments aimed at further improving and expanding the facilities located at Providence, East Bank Demerara.

General Manager of Princess International Hotel Guyana, Muharrem Kulekci, during an exclusive interview with the Guyana Times International last week, explained that the expansion is being undertaken because the hotel understands its commitment to further improve its hospitality and tourism image, which will see more business coming not only to the establishment, but Guyana.

Kulekci said that Guyanese can look forward to a new movie theatre being established at the hotel within the next six months. He informed Guyana Times International that the hotel would also be making a very costly investment in establishing a multi- complex sports facility and centre.

“This sports complex will see construction and operation of a mini gulf facility. We will build a basketball and tennis court as well, which will be open to hotel guests and the general public,” Kulekci explained.

He said that Princess International Hotel, Guyana would also be making a huge investment in constructing and opening one of the country’s largest and most luxurious discos. The general manager was convinced that with investment in these various facilities, the Princess International Hotel would be strategically poised to become the “entertainment centre” of Guyana. Kulekci said the hotel has already added various attractions to its offing, including its pool, Jazz Night, Latin Night, and Indian Night, among other events which are attracting scores of Guyanese, including tourists, to this luxurious hotel.

He was confident that since Princess Hotel took over the then Buddy’s Hotel, a lot has occurred with respect to advancement and investment, totalling millions already.

“Since we took over, we have managed to improve our occupancy rates, and business is now picking up, because we worked tirelessly on putting an effective and professional management team in place to improve our hospitality performance,” the general manager stated during the interview.

Kulekci alluded to the fact that the management team has since worked with the hospitality and hotel staff to change behaviours towards hospitality and service, thereby creating a new culture that sees the staff understanding their roles better in relation to providing the highest quality of service to customers and tourists.

The Princess International Hotel Guyana general manager said that Guyana has lots of potential to develop as one of the Caribbean’s leading tourism destinations and nests.

He said that when one takes a look at the historic sites, the cultural heritage and warmth of the Guyanese people, there is no excuse for not achieving this goal. “There is a lot of potential for development here, but it’s not been utilised and realised fully,” he opined. He informed the Guyana Times International that the Princess International Hotel saw itself as one of the country’s leading tourism ambassadors and promoters. “We have gone and participated at trade fairs and exhibitions in the United Kingdom, The United States, Canada, Brazil, Jamaica, Barbados and Suriname.

The markets are there, but we need to take advantage of them more,” the general manager explained.