March 23, 2017

Twenty years of Style

In celebration of her 20 years in the fashion industry, local doyenne of fashion, Sonia Noel,recently launched a collection of skirts with her signature lattice designs.

Designer Sonia Noel

Designer Sonia Noel

“It is a blessing to be able to reach this juncture – which was no smooth sailing. It took a combination of navigational skills to outmanoeuvre hurdles,and a resilience to literally row my own boat when the waters got rough.But my faith in God got me to two decades in style.I am particularly proud of being able to use the platform of fashion to inspire lives,” Noel expressed in an interview with Sunday Times Magazine.

DJI_0632Her favourite fashion quote is by Colombian fashion journalist and critic Nina Garcia, who once said: “If you look back in history of the women who are most memorable and most stylish, they were never the followers of fashion. They were the ones who were unique in their style, breakers of the rules. They were authentic, genuine, original. They were not following the trends.”
Locally, regionally and internationally, the designer is famous for her sophisticated, versatile designs that can be worn from the beach to the ballroom.
Notably, these colourful skirts can be converted to dresses and tops.

DJI_0576 DJI_0596
For more information, visit or Sonia Noel Designs on Facebook.
This week’s featured designs are worn by models Anasha, Nkechi, Ambika, Saudia, Peggy, and Odessa.

Debut designs

20161229_151309Indigenous designers made their debut at the Guyana Fashion Week 2016 with chic collections of clothing inspired by nature and their culture. One of the designers is Vanda Allicock-Calistro.

“I was motivated by my father who encouraged myself and nephew to take up designing after he saw some of our shirts we had done. Our pieces are inspired by nature and indigenous culture and are hand painted. Being able to showcase our talent at Guyana Fashion Week 2016 was an honour,” Vanda said in an interview with Sunday Times Magazine.

The designer hopes to expand her collection and showcase them on fashion runways.

For more information, call 670-5038. (Guyana Times Sunday Magazine)


Debut designer Vanda Allicock-Castro

Debut designer Vanda Allicock-Castro

Chic designer wear

14362474_1081779448584733_5741397746061135386_oAt the recently concluded Guyana Fashion Week, designer Paul Burnette rolled out some of his chic designs for 2016.

The veteran Guyanese designer’s collection ‘Hidden Beauty’ was a show-stopper at the prestigious fashion event.

‘Hidden Beauty’ offers bespoke fashionable pieces for men and women. Every occasion – beach, elegant, casual, formal – is catered for in this collection.

Over the years, Burnette is known for creating “sexy looks for women who dare to be different and make a statement whenever they go out” and “clothing that is cool, edgy and different for the fashionable man”.

For more information on the designer, visit Guyana Fashion Week on Facebook. (Keno George Photography)

(Guyana Times Sunday Magazine)

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A fashionable heritage on display

Designer Andy Anthony Cummings

Designer Andy Anthony Cummings

Guyanese designer Andy Cummings’s recent collection of men’s shirts showcases his designing talents in creating applauded pieces for a distinct look.

“I get my inspiration from my African culture in the Caribbean, but mostly from Guyana. The patterns and colours used in this collection display the richness of my African heritage,” the designer said in an interview with Guyana Times Sunday Magazine.

Cummings graduated from the Burrowes School of Art in 2012 with a major in Ceramics and minor in Textiles. He was awarded best graduating student and best ceramic student for his year. In that same year, he won the Guyana Model Search/Designers Portfolio, which gave him the opportunity to be fashion partner with veteran Guyanese designer Sonia Noel. Cummings was named Most Promising Young Designer of 2013.

Forever looking for newer and bigger challenges to conquer, in late 2014 the designer decided to enter “Mission Catwalk” – a regional designer competition that targets the Caribbean’s best young designers.  He made inroads again when he became the first designer from Guyana to make it to the finals of the competition. Cummings was able to secure the “Most Promising Designer of the Year” title.

Now, the designer’s dreams, which he is working feverishly to make a reality, are to pursue a fashion degree from an accredited university and to work for an international fashion company with the aim of one day operating his own establishment.

To contact the designer, call 672-2243 or email

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Contemporary Cuts

Designer Sonia Noel’s newest collection, The Sonia Noel Man, offers cool, casual, trendy tops/shirts in “contemporary cuts” for the stylish man.
These fashionable bespoke pieces are made from durable fabric,and are ideal for any guy who wants to “stand out from the crowd”.
This collection will be showcased at the Guyana Fashion Week slated for November 6-13 at Pegasus Hotel.
For more information, call 226-3099 or visit Guyana Fashion Week on Facebook.14352038_1079994782096533_346585673475260359_o 14352128_1079995265429818_7195506377967383320_o 14409481_1079995028763175_1080232495640475453_o 14424849_1079994768763201_305163349717436139_o

The Glamour of the evening

Rishma Persaud has been designing for more than 15 years under the brand RP couture. She is known for her eye catching evening gowns and cocktail dresses, and is also one of the designers for the Miss India Guyana and Miss Universe Guyana pageant. These designs are from her newest collection, which are mostly evening attire. All the designs are custom made and can be made to order within a week. Rishma’s office is now located at 303 Church St, Queenstown, Georgetown. You can also find her on Facebook at RP couture.

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Hollywood glamour

Millianna's founders Sharmilla Persaud, left, and Arianna Brooke

Millianna’s founders Sharmilla Persaud, left, and Arianna Brooke

Sharmilla Persaud is a Guyanese-born designer who teamed up with her best friend Arianna Brooke to launch Millianna (a combination of their names) in 2010, a U.S designer fashion jewellery company.

They met while Sharmilla was working in the design department of BCBG Max Azria, in the USA,and Arianna in marketing. Sharmilla now leads the design, while Arianna oversees production of their own Spokane, Washington-based business.

According to the millianna website, each piece is intricately handmade by skilled artisans in the U.S.,where many of the artisans who work with the company are immigrant women who arrived in Spokane with the World Relief Organization.

Sharmilla’s love for fashion began from an early age in Guyana with her awe for her mother’s colourful saris and jewellery,and blossomed into a full-fledged passion as she moved to New York where, during her teenage years, she was known for her unique outfits.

She pursued her love of fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology and earned a degree in Design. Max Azria hired her as designer at BCBG after her graduation.

Millianna pieces have been featured in magazines such as Oprah and Women’s Health, on celebrities such as Miranda Lambert and Elizabeth Rohm, and in the wardrobes of stars in movies.

Her jewellery has been described as classic, contemporary, casual and dressy; edgy, feminine and statement-making

Her jewellery has been described as classic, contemporary, casual and dressy; edgy, feminine and statement-making

Téa Leoni as “Madam Secretary” in her favourite accessory, a Millianna 1" Micro Cuff in Antique Silver

Téa Leoni as “Madam Secretary” in her favourite accessory, a Millianna 1″ Micro Cuff in Antique Silver

A model presents a bib necklace piece similar to one worn in an episode of TV show “Reign”

A model presents a bib necklace piece similar to one worn in an episode of TV show “Reign”

Inspired by country

Sidney L. Francois

Sidney L. Francois

Sidney L. Francois of Francois Designs marched onto the Guyanese fashion scene in 2010 when the gown he designed for Miss Guyana Universe eventual winner Tamika Henry won the “Best Gown” prize of the pageant.

He hasn’t looked back since, as his unique and amazing designs have led to greater recognition as one of Guyana’s leading designers and more prestigious accolades, including being honoured in July 2016 at the 7th Annual Caribbean Style & Culture Awards & Fashion Showcase held in Maryland, USA with the Karib Nation Inc. Award of Excellence in Fashion Innovation.

The E.R. Burrowes School of Art alumna presented his latest collection, the 2016 Garden City Collection, for Guyana’s 50th Jubilee independence anniversary, which he said was inspired by, of course, Guyana.

2016 Garden City Collection (Photo by Satori Vsion Studio NY Make-Up by fabfacebyaigner)

2016 Garden City Collection (Photo by Satori Vsion Studio NY Make-Up by fabfacebyaigner)

016 Garden City Collection (Photographer Cyril Cromwell. Model Meleesa Payne)

016 Garden City Collection (Photographer Cyril Cromwell. Model Meleesa Payne)

2016 Garden City Collection

2016 Garden City Collection

Tie-dye prints of an early 2016 “Reaction Line"

Tie-dye prints of an early 2016 “Reaction Line”

Of glamour and grace

IM-4538_1Doyenne of fashion, Sonia Noel has launched some of her most exclusive pieces, which are receiving celebrated recognition from international fashion elites.

In an interview with Sunday Times Magazine, Noel said the designs, which range from corporate to red carpet looks, would be featured later this month in the African American Business Magazine.

“I am very honoured to be selected to be featured in this prestigious magazine,” Noel expressed. Some of the pieces featured this week will be part of Noel’s Guyana 50th anniversary collection. Call 226-6554 or 684-8129 for more information on the collection.

IM-4592 IM-4523 IM-4705 IM-4806

Make a fashion statement in 2016

11030831_877507168951817_6475426682910358768_oLooking to transform your look for the new year? Designer Jason Shurland’s chic designs will do just that. His bespoke pieces are perfect for any occasion or body type.

The designer is known for his unique, statement designs, which have been worn by models and pageant queens/contestants on local and international stages.

Shurland is also known for his intricate designs on clothing, artistically incorporating glass, embellished rose petals and 3D butterflies.

Showcasing his artistic side, Shurland’s designs are a testimony of his talent to beautify.

Visit Rockerz on Facebook for more information on Shurland’s collections.

Jason Shurland poses with a model wearing one his designs

Jason Shurland poses with a model wearing one his designs

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