February 14, 2016

CPL comes to the USA… Florida to host six games this year

The Caribbean Premier League will travel to USA this year (CPL photo)

The Caribbean Premier League will travel to USA this year (CPL photo)

CASTRIES, St Lucia – The Hero Caribbean Premier League will stage six matches in the United States during the upcoming season, a landmark move that will see the premier regional Twenty20 tournament unveiled in the Americas for the first time.

Matches are set for July and are expected to be played in Florida at the Central Broward Regional Park Stadium.

CPL chief executive Damien O’Donohoe described the move as a “massive boost” for the cricket market in the United States.

“This project has been in discussion for many months and we are grateful to the ICC for supporting this move which enables us to step up our planning and open up opportunities for the cricket-hungry American public,” he said.

“I would also like to acknowledge the ongoing support of Dave Cameron and our partners in the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) in this process. The participation of the ICC Americas team in the recent Nagico Super 50 has proven to be a hugely important step forward and we are committed to providing more opportunities for players and that experience will certainly count for those six ICC Americas players who will be selected in this year’s Draft.

He added: “The CPL has already had a positive impact in the Caribbean and we are excited about bringing top quality cricket to the USA. We are committed to developing the next generation of cricketers and we believe that by exposing the best talent from across the Caribbean and the Americas region in the CPL, we can inspire a new generation of cricketers in the USA.”

ICC Head of Global Development, Tim Anderson, said the decision to play CPL games in the United States was a “positive step forward for all cricket followers in the US.”

“We are also delighted that a number of development activities will take place around the matches, ensuring that the expertise and experience of the CPL players, coaches and officials contributes to the exciting growth of the game in the USA.”

Since its inception in 2013, all CPL matches have been played exclusively in the Caribbean among the six franchises attached to various countries.

Trinbago Knight Riders, formerly Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel, are the reigning champions after defeat Barbados Tridents in last year’s final.

U.S. Embassy in Georgetown received 39,000 Visa applications in 2015

– more than half successful – Ambassador

United States Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway

United States Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway

United States Ambassador to Guyana Perry Holloway in an exclusive interview with Guyana Times International disclosed that a total of 39,000 Guyanese were interviewed for non-immigrant visas, and way more than half of that number were successful in their application.

The Ambassador reckoned that the growth of Guyana’s financial system, could be one of the reasons Guyanese have been approaching the Embassy for non-immigrant visas.

According to Holloway, the number of visas processed has been increasing over the last 10 years. “So the word on the street is that nobody receives a visa or only 10 per cent receives a visa…that is not true,” he said, continuing that “the number has gone up”.

He said five years ago, the number of applicants was about 6000. Therefore, for the numbers to leap from 6000 to close to 40,000, was incredible.

“And that makes sense because the Guyanese economy has grown over the last few years; people have more disposable income and now that 9/11 is way behind us, more people want to go visit the States and we encourage Guyanese who want to go to the United States legally, or who want to go study or to do business, we encourage that,” he said.

Providing more statistics, Holloway informed that for last month alone, the Embassy interviewed 7500 Guyanese – one per cent of the country’s population. More than half of those persons, he said, were issued with their visas.

Asked if there are any instances of persons overstaying their time, Holloway said deportation has gone down significantly over the last couple of years.

“There are some people who … are turned down because they believe you might be going to work, we have not seen an increase in these incidences.”

Meanwhile, as it relates to the number receiving the immigrant or permanent visas, the Ambassador said this has been relatively stable over the last five years or so.

“It is somewhere between 4300 and 4900 every year. Last year was a little over 4900,” he said.

Govt, Opposition MPs face-off on “good life” Budget

Opposition MP, Ganga Persaud

Opposition MP, Ganga Persaud

Late into the second day of the 2016 Budget debates, Members of Parliament (MPs) from both sides of the House clashed on whether Budget 2016 offers the “good life” that Government has been touting.

The late session of Tuesday’s debate sitting saw the likes of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) members Jennifer Westford, Indra Chandarpal and Ganga Persaud taking on Junior Public Infrastructure Minister Annette Ferguson, John Adams and Rajcomarie Bancroft from the Government’s side.

In her presentation, Minister Ferguson outlined the plans Government has been pursuing to develop the country’s infrastructure. She mentioned the new bridge for the Demerara River crossing; works for several vessels and stellings under the Transport and Harbour Department (T&HD) and enhancements for the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

According to Ferguson, the previous Administration wasted tax payers’ money by investing in several “dead projects” that benefited only a lucky few. “If that money was invested in the (Demerara) bridge project, Mr Speaker, Guyanese today would have been enjoying the use of a bridge – a much needed facility that will serve the mass of Guyanese users,” she stated.

The Junior Minister noted that during 2016, her Government will bring to life projects that will make the lives of Guyanese better. “Our Government will undertake projects that will benefit the people of Guyana and not just a select few as practiced by the PPP/C Administration,” Ferguson stated.

Inadequate measures

Junior Infrastructure Minister, Annette Ferguson

Junior Infrastructure Minister, Annette Ferguson

But in her presentation, Opposition MP Indra Chandarpal stated that the 2016 Budget does not have what it takes to give Guyanese the “good life” that Government assured; instead, it will only bring poor people more poverty.

“I travel a lot with the taxis and every day taxi drivers have the same stories to tell, and every person in the Stabroek and Bourda Markets have the same story to tell. So it’s not a poor people budget… I was told, Mr Speaker, by a taxi driver to tell the Government that they deh pon stupidness,” she stated.

Chandarpal went on to say that while every Government will undertake a number of initiatives, it is expected of the others that follow to either make them better in order to improve the lives of the citizens. “Unfortunately, I will not be able to support the budget as presented by the Minister of Finance because we believe that this budget does not have the answers to move this country forward,” she declared.

Defending the ‘good life’

Meanwhile, the Government’s Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) representative, John Adams, maintained that this year’s budget, as the theme suggested “Stimulating Growth, Restoring Confidence: the Good Life Beckons”, offers a better life for the people of Guyana.

He reflected on the past eight months that the coalition Government has been in office, stating that during this time, Government has managed to stimulate growth and restore confidence. He further highlighted that Region Three has seen growth in every sector over the past months.

The parliamentarian spoke about developments in the infrastructure, agriculture, health and education sectors in the region.

“Mr Speaker, I am confident that the allocations stipulated for Region Three in Budget 2016, will see many new projects being completed in several parts of the region… Mr Speaker, the menu of measures stated in Budget 2016 will go a far way in making the citizens in this beautiful land of ours a better life,” Adams remarked.

Wild imaginations

However, PPP Parliamentarian Ganga Persaud in his presentation said that Region Three is still in much despair. He specifically mentioned the controversial closure of the Wales Sugar Factory and the effect it has on the lives of Guyanese.

According to the Opposition MP, members of the National Assembly can tell many tales and continue to have their imaginations run wild but the real judge of the budget is the public. Persaud noted that over the past few days, persons have been describing the budget as “a pick-pocket budget”, “a parasitic budget” and even “a vampire budget” based on what it contains.

Also presenting Tuesday night was embattled Opposition parliamentarian Jennifer Westford. She underscored the disappointment of public servants who did not get their salary increases. While she lauded the fact that Government has commenced the collective bargaining process, the former Public Service Minister noted this should have been done way before in time for the budget presentation.

Moreover, Westford pointed out that public servants are anxious, since many of them are unsure of their future in the public service. “Today our public servants are suffering from anxiety syndrome because they are unsure whether they will join the scores of their colleagues who were unceremoniously dismissed from their jobs,” she mentioned while adding that this may affect the morale of public servants.

“We will dismantle drug networks in Guyana”

– DEA’s Regional Director

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan(centre), US Ambassador Perry Holloway and DEA Regional Director Matthew Donahue at the launching of the local DEA office at the US Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan(centre), US Ambassador Perry Holloway and DEA Regional Director Matthew Donahue at the launching of the
local DEA office at the US Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana

The much anticipated Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has finally opened its office in Guyana with promises to destroy and dismantle local drug networks.

The United States’ premier anti narco-trafficking agency will be housed in the US Embassy’s compound at Duke and Young Streets, Kingston, Georgetown. The simple but significant opening ceremony was held in the presence of Government Ministers, members of the security sector, members of the Judiciary, and members of the Diplomatic Corp.

Addressing the small gathering at the Embassy on Wednesday, DEA’s Regional Director Matthew Donahue assured that the agency is going to work hard to help Guyana arrest its drug trafficking situation.

“We are not going to just arrest a few people here, we need to dismantle and destroy these organisations,” he stated. The Regional Director stressed that while it is going to be a difficult task, with the experience and training of the DEA agents, coupled with the cooperation of the Government of Guyana, he is sure that they will be successful.

He pointed out that while Guyana is not a source country for drug trafficking, it does have a transportation problem. On this note, Donahue stated that the DEA not only focuses on small drug traffickers but also looks at those organisations that have multinational presence.

A section of the high-profile gathering at the opening of the DEA office in Guyana at the US Embassy on Wednesday

A section of the high-profile gathering at the opening of the DEA office in Guyana at the US Embassy on Wednesday

“We look at things internationally. We don’t focus on just the small time drug traffickers, we focus on international (people) who’s going to be bringing the drugs into the country and who’s taking drugs out of the country,” the Regional Director noted.

Donahue further emphasised that DEA will also be monitoring those organisations that push criminal activities, since it is found that narco-trafficking is at the source of these. He noted that his agency is determined to destroy such networks.

“We focus on organisations, they are not just drug traffickers. You see drug trafficking and you believe that’s all they are (but) we are not going to win against drug trafficking because these are the same people that human trafficking, the same people that are illegally mining gold, the same people that are illegally mining minerals, that are committing assassinations – they’re all of a criminal organisation that works transnational throughout the region,” the Director said.

However, Donahue said that the DEA cannot do it alone, underscoring the importance of getting the cooperation of Governments. He added that the agency will be bridging Guyana with other countries, which is important in tackling narcotics trade.

Meanwhile, in his brief remarks, U.S. Ambassador Perry Holloway explained that the fulltime presence of a DEA office in Guyana does not mean that the narco-trafficking situation will change overnight.

He reminded that the DEA agents who will be stationed in the country do not have policing rights but are merely looking into narco-trafficking activities that are linked to the US. However, he stressed that the DEA office will also help local enforcement agencies in several areas other than drug trade.

“In the course of doing their work, they are going to come across a lot of information that may not have a US nexus but it will be maybe a crime going on locally here and that information will be shared whether be it with CANU (Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit), with the national Police, with the Prosecutors or Judges, they will be sharing lots of information,” Ambassador Holloway stated.

On the other hand, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan outlined that having the DEA Office here will be a tremendous step in Guyana’s efforts to fight trafficking.

“The mere presence of this Unit out of America will have a deterring effect in my opinion. The fact that such an information institution, such an important drug interdiction unit is here and though it may not have any Police powers, knowing their capacities and abilities to get information and to disrupt networks is so very important,” he highlighted.

Ramjattan also recognised that crime and violence have been born out of the narcotics trade, adding that he is grateful that the agency will also be able to provide information in the other areas such as gold smuggling and money laundering, saying that will assist local enforcement agencies.

Sugar workers across Guyana strike in solidarity with Wales Estate workers

Sugar workers striking at Uitvlugt, on Thursday

Sugar workers striking at Uitvlugt, on Thursday

Vital factory maintenance work in the sugar factories across the country and other field works were severely affected, today (Thursday), as the overwhelming majority of sugar workers struck solidly in support of the Wales sugar workers and those aggrieved residents in on-going efforts to “stay the decision” to close the Estate.

Members of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) and the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) are engaged in solidarity action which highlights the fact that workers of both Unions will have their livelihoods threatened by the Wales Estate closure.

The solidarity strike proceeded during the day with picketing exercises at the various Estates Administrative offices with placards reading: “No to the closure of Wales Estate”, “Poverty, Destitution, Crime and more Unemployment for communities around Wales Estate”, “APNU and AFC are betraying sugar workers” among others. At Thursday’s picketing exercises, workers also drew attention to the outstanding wages and API matters for 2015.

GAWU, in a statement, said the intention by the Corporation and political authorities to shut down Wales has set in motion justifiable anxiety.

“Of the wider workforce who are increasingly asking: What next? Who’s next? This unconscionable blow from the authorities has only fed the alienation within the industry and will, most likely, de-motivate this sector of our productive workforce,” GAWU stated.

According to the union, some 2,500 workers and farmers would be directly affected by the Wales Estate closure. Additionally, it is distressing to contemplate the hardship that will befall the families of those who will join the jobless. “We can only begin to imagine the effects of the economic dislocation that will ensue and the repercussions it would have on the communities of the West Bank of Demerara, especially,” GAWU stated.

The intransigence, so far, displayed by the authorities is a cause for concern for workers not only in the sugar industry but workers generally. When considered against the unjust treatment meted out to the sugar workers over the latter part of 2015, and ignoring essential practices of Trade Unionism, the situation is indeed troubling.

The GAWU and NAACIE urge the Government and GuySuCo not to go down the path of closure of the Wales Estate. “We are sure that is it not beyond available expertise to come up with proposals to save Wales and once more, ensure its viability. We subscribe to the belief that people and their well-being must be given priority attention,” the unions urged.

Govt must cater for the poorer class in Guyana – Opposition Leader

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has called on Government to humanise Budget 2016 by reversing and adjusting some of the measures outlined by Finance Minister Winston Jordan in favour of policies and programmes that will directly benefit the poor, as well as emerging small-scale Guyanese businesses.

As a result, he called for the extension of the ban on the importation of used vehicles from eight to 12 years; a move which he said would benefit the poor and working class.

Jagdeo was speaking with Journalists on Tuesday, where he discussed the impact of the 2016 National Budget, what it signals and means to the country.

The country’s financial plan was read in the National Assembly last Friday by the Finance Minister.

The Opposition Leader said these simple things are bound to affect the poor in society. He spoke of the consequences of the ban on vehicles older than eight years, noting that persons who purchase these types of vehicles are generally poor individuals and those in poor middle class.

“I spoke with some auto dealers who said that this decision will impact a large number of persons, particularly the poor people because most of the vehicles that come in the country now are over eight years old and there is a huge market on these vehicles”.

Based on what was told to him, Jagdeo said many of the persons are even unable to pay the purchase price for these vehicles and have to take them on terms.

“I am asking the Minister of Finance and President Granger to extend this eight-year ban to 12 years so that that group of people can continue to drive their vehicles and not have the additional burden of finding over a million dollars more for acquisition,” the Opposition Leader said.

According to him, some of these measures have been announced in keeping with the concept of a green economy and less pollution. He said he has always managed to balance the country’s strong push for a green economy through the Low Carbon Development Strategy, with the need to improve people’s lifestyles and not make their lives more burdensome.

“In Guyana, the per capita emission is less than two tons and is not under any obligation to cut that. The [Intended Nationally Determined Contributions] INDC submitted by this Government has no target to cut the per capita emission. The US and other developed countries have per capita emission of over 20 tons”, he said, seeking to explain that these vehicles are no threat to the environment.

Jagdeo also urged Government to rethink its decision on the ban on used tyres.

“I can understand the need to get better tyres… I am in favour of withdrawing this ban on used tyres and instead strengthen the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) to ensure that the quality of used tyres coming into the country is better”.

Other measures

Another issue the Opposition Leader highlighted was the increased prices placed on licences for firearms. He again urged Government to exempt Amerindians and the farmers in this regard.

“If the Amerindians have a shotgun in the interior it is not used for pleasure. Many times it is used as a tool to live,” he said, continuing “I want to urge the Government to cut the more than 150 licence fees increase by half”.

He said in his entire familiarity with budgets, in terms of licence fees, this is probably the largest, not only in numbers but in percentage.


Jagdeo also spoke of Government’s announcement that it will be increasing the salaries of public servants, but instead will be awaiting the collective bargaining with workers unions. However, Jagdeo related that the Discipline Services does not engage in collective bargaining and while Government is awaiting discussions with Unions before salary increases, the Discipline Services will not fall under that heading. He suggested that the Discipline Services be given their salary increases.

Tax compliance

Meanwhile, with the recent announcement by the Finance Minister that the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) will be enforcing stringent measures to ensure tax compliance, Jagdeo said the GRA does not have the capacity to deal with these now.

During his budget presentation last Friday, Jordan announced that Government, through the GRA, will be taking every step to go after delinquent taxpayers, to ensure that they become compliant with the law. The stringent measures will be meted out to persons applying for firearm licences and licences to carry out trade and businesses. These persons, he said, will have to be up to date in their tax payments.

But Jagdeo said Government is implementing these new policies at a time when the financial organisation is marred by controversy, when there is no substantive Commissioner General or acting Commissioner General. More than that, Jagdeo related that the organisation does not have the facilities to undertake the new policies at this time.

Ramotar blasts Kaieteur News for spreading “fabrications”

…“newspaper just trying to remain relevant”

Former President, Donald Ramotar

Former President, Donald Ramotar

In response to a spate of articles in Kaieteur News since the PNC-led APNU/AFC Government took office, which laid numerous claims of corruption and other irregularities during his administration, former President Donald Ramotar said the Kaieteur News was desperate to retain some “relevance” in the new dispensation and had descended into “wild fabrications”.

Ramotar had recently demanded that Minister of Finance Winston Jordan “bring evidence” to buttress his claims that the audits launched by his government indicated state-owned entities violated the law “with impunity”. The former head of state pointed out the fact that Jordan had asked the Auditor General’s Office to recheck the audits, meant nothing substantial had been found up to now. In addition the Finance Minister, he said, was putting pressure on the AG’s office to go along with his premature conclusions.

In an interview with this newspaper, Ramotar said government officials like Finance Minister Jordan might be reacting to the daily onslaught by Kaieteur News demanding convictions and jail for individuals who the editor and propitiator of KN had fingered even before the elections.

“Take the case of NICIL” said Ramotar, “for years, the KN had been hounding its CEO Winston Brassington for alleged corrupt acts. But even after the audit by Goolsarran could provide no evidence of wrongdoing under the applicable laws, the Kaieteur News would not let up.”

Kaieteur News Publisher, Glenn Lall

Kaieteur News Publisher, Glenn Lall

Asked whether the tragic subsequent action by SOCU to place Brassington’s home under surveillance might have also ensued from Kaieteur News’ obsession, the former President said, “We cannot rule that out. As one who occupied the highest office in the land, on many occasions some in the government became rattled by the Kaieteur News’ manic attacks.”

Concerning the call in the latest edition of Kaieteur News for the government to “correct broadcast legislation” the former President said, “This is typical of that newspaper, which appears not to understand how institutions work. It appears that the KN owner wanted a radio licence but believe it or not, as Bibi Shadick pointed out, he never applied for one. Just because the KN said it wanted something, it thinks government must jump through hoops to have it done.”

Asked if he had any concluding statement, Ramotar said: “That newspaper is fighting for some relevance. This goes back years. It is very sad that that newspaper has now resorted to wild fabrications, which have the potential to damage people who are working to develop our country.”

Over the years, the Kaieteur News unleashed and sustained a series of attacks on NICIL and its CEO, Brassington. It has since been revealed that the attack by the local tabloid is over Brassington’s decision to take legal action against Royal Investments Inc (RII), part-owned by the newspaper’s publisher Glenn Lall and his close friend Tony Yassin after they failed to pay an outstanding balance of US$2 million for Guyana Stores Limited.

Since the government assumed office in May last, a forensic audit was launched into the operations of NICIL with the aim of unearthing corrupt practices with hopes of administering consequential penalties.

Upon the completion of the report, the Kaieteur News has been publishing a series of articles alleging corruption against the state-owned entity, using the report as reference.

But interestingly, the relevant authorities are yet to take criminal actions against those the Kaieteur News continue to implicate as corrupt.

Five teens arrested for 2015 murder of Guyanese man in Lithonia, Georgia over cellphone

Leevon Daniels

Leevon Daniels

Media houses in Atlanta, Georgia are reporting that five teens have been arrested and police are searching for a sixth suspect in the shooting death of an aspiring filmmaker found last year along a road in Lithonia, Georgia.

The 27-year-old Guyanese man, Leevon Daniels, of Conyers, was found dead of a gunshot wound at Swift and Main streets on May 6, 2015.

According to Action News 2, Lithonia police announced Tuesday that they have arrested five teens and identified another teen in connection with the case. That sixth suspect is 16 years old.

Police claim the suspects approached Daniels near a sports bar and demanded his cellphone. Daniels then threw his phone at the group, and one person allegedly shot him, police said.

Roosevelt Smith, the chief of police, called the killing “senseless.”

He told Channel 2 a tip led Lithonia investigators to the teen suspects.

“We received additional information that led us into another direction,” Smith said. “And based on the field work, we were able to come up with the various names of the individuals.”

Daniels didn’t know the suspects, said Smith, who stood next to the victim’s family at a news conference.

“They took away a vital part of our family and we just hope they can take responsibility for what they’ve done,” said Crystal Morris, Daniels’ cousin.  (Excerpts taken from www.ajc.com)

A fight for survival!

Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo has promised that every effort will be made to ensure  Government's reverses it decision to close the Wales Sugar Estate.

Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo has promised that every effort will be made to ensure
Government’s reverses it decision to close the Wales Sugar Estate.

Scores of workers employed at the Wales Sugar Estate, West Bank Demerara (WBD) converged in front of the Parliament Buildings, Georgetown on Thursday, January 21, in a peaceful picketing exercise to protest against the move by the government to close the estate.

Loud shouts from irate sugar workers armed with placards reading “No to the closure of the Wales Estate”, “Workers Unite, Fight Unemployment”, “GAWU says CoI opposed closure” and more could be heard and seen from a distance near the Stabroek Market Square as Parliamentarians from the Opposition Party, PPP/C joined the workers in support of the picketing exercise.

Many of the protesters contended that with the closure of the Wales Estate they would not be able to provide for their families or even seek alternative employment elsewhere.

A majority of the workers stated that sugar cultivation and cane harvesting are the only jobs they have been doing for most of their lives and they are not qualified to seek employment elsewhere.

Sugar workers protest in front Parliament on Thursday

Sugar workers protest in front Parliament on Thursday

The distraught and frustrated picketers explained that even if they are relocated to another sugar factory/ estate it would not be beneficial to their villages and the business community in Region Three.

“If we have to go work somewhere else what will happen to all the businesses near Wales? Our villages would suffer because if they depend on us buying our little goods from them how would they survive too? Why can’t they just give us a change and help save the estate?” one man questioned.

According to one woman, the move to stage this peaceful picketing exercise was decided upon by all workers who turned out since they hope that the members of the Government who would be sitting in Parliament today (Thursday) would ‘hear our cries’ and reverse the decision to have the estate closed.

Former Local Government Minister, Ganga Persaud told the gathering that these protesters were “right to express” themselves based on how they feel about what is happening to them.

“You make your statement…you have your children, your family to take care…all you want to do is survive,” he said.

Dale Austin, a worker attached to the Wales Estate highlighted the fact that many persons in Region Three would have to be “high on the alert” with the closure of the estate in question because the crime rate is expected to skyrocket with such a hasty decision by the government.

A factory worker, Neville Williams stated that the GuySuCo officials who were on air recently trying to justify the closure of this sugar estate should be “ashamed” to have done such a thing especially when they are all aware that those working at Wales Estate have been doing their utmost.

Diaspora protest Nagamootoo at New York meetings

PM Moses Nagamootoo was escorted by several black Secret Service vehicles during his New York trip over the weekend

PM Moses Nagamootoo was escorted by several black Secret Service vehicles during his New York trip over the weekend

Scores of disgruntled New York-based Guyanese braved the inclement weather to stage several protests outside of various events hosted by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo who travelled to North America to launch Guyana’s 50 Independence Anniversary celebrations.

The three-day activity attracted very poor attendances and were marred by loud protest actions.

During the Saturday afternoon meeting, a group from the Diaspora community staged a picketing exercise outside of the Richie Rich Catering Hall, Richmond Hill, Queens, where Prime Minister Nagamootoo addressed a small gathering of members from the business sector.

Some of the concerns raised were in relation to the closure of the Wales Sugar Estate, the ethnic cleansing being practised by the government, the out-of-controlled crime situation, the suicide epidemic, the recently botched military operation, among others.

The protestors waved placards which were boldly marked with phrases such as “Sellout Moses a disgrace to Guyanese Patriots”; “Moses cease your assault on democracy”.

Others practically pleaded with the Guyanese leader to step up and represent the interest of the people: “Moses stop the closing of the Wales Sugar Estate” and “Moses stop the ethnic cleansing and racial discrimination in Guyana”.