September 22, 2014

Cricket fans maintain support for Amazon Warriors’ challenge of CPL final

Dwayne Smith survives an LBW appeal that television replays showed should have been given out

Dwayne Smith survives an LBW appeal that television replays showed should have been given out

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA: Cricket fans worldwide are continuing to support the Guyana Amazon Warriors’ challenge of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) final which was played against the Barbados Tridents in St. Kitts and Nevis on August 16.

Immediately after the decision was announced, the Amazon Warriors had mounted a challenge to the outcome of the game, which was controversially awarded to the Tridents under the Duckworth-Lewis system.

This renewed wave of support by fans seems to have come in the wake of a decision by CPL’s Cricket Tournament Committee (CTC), despite substantial evidence to the contrary, that there is no “good reason” to reverse the result or declare the final a nullity.

However, both the CTC and the CPL said they do not object to the matter being referred to the International Cricket Council (ICC), the game’s world governing body, for a ruling that is “definitive, transparent and expeditious”–words that appear to suggest the decision was arrived at with a great degree of doubt.

A petition website has been launched in support of the Amazon Warriors’ challenge, currently with more than 2000 supporters and growing, and social media continues to be replete with rage at the way in which the game ended, while at the same time calling on the CPL management to overturn the decision.

A CPL statement issued Sunday said the CTC effectively ruled that the result of the rain-affected final stands, although there has been mounting pressure from a number of cricket fans worldwide, well respected analysts and commentators of the game, and a number of sport organisations.

The statement said after receiving and considering the formal complaint made by the Amazon Warriors, it referred the Match Report to the CTC for a decision. The CTC claimed that the Match Referee properly applied the rules regarding the time allotted for the match, and alluded to paragraph 6.2 of Section 3A of the CPL Tournament Rules, which deals with match results.

This “expressly precludes a team from objecting to the result of a match on the ground of any decision made by any Umpire or the Match Referee”, the statement said.

The Match Referee’s report indicated an enquiry by CPL Chief Executive Officer Damien O’Donohoe and Member of the CTC Charles Wilkin, QC, if the full match could be played without resort to the Duckworth-Lewis rules.

“To this, the consent of both captains was required and that was not forthcoming. Hence, they were informed that, according to the Playing Conditions, they did not have the authority to make such a ruling,” the statement added.

Chairman of the CTC is PJ Patterson, former Prime Minister of Jamaica. Other Committee members include Zorol Barthley, Walter H Scott and Conde Riley.

BK Group hopes to push local tourism

…with launch of airline

By Vahnu Manikchand

BK Group of Companies Chairman Brian Tiwari and US Embassy Charge d’Affaires Bryan Hunte being told about the Cessna Grand Caravan

BK Group of Companies Chairman Brian Tiwari and US Embassy Charge d’Affaires Bryan Hunte being told about the Cessna Grand Caravan

The BK International Group of Companies officially launched its JAGS Aviation airline on Monday afternoon at the Ogle International Airport (OIA), promising to help promote tourism.

At a simple ceremony at the Wings Aviation Hangar, the airline was launched before a host of dignitaries. The airline will be providing domestic services to interior locations with a brand new aircraft recently added to its fleet. The Cessna Grand Caravan 208B EX, valued some US$3 million, has a seating capacity of 13, excluding the pilot. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is fully air conditioned.

The BK Group is no stranger to the transportation sector with a history in the minibus and marine sub-sectors. However, its entry into the aviation industry is the vision of the younger Tiwari generation, who will be leading the airline.

One of the Directors, Briony Tiwari, told the gathering that they saw the potential of Guyana’s tourism product and wanted to invest; hence, the acquisition of JAGS Aviation. She disclosed that the BK Group had acquired JAGS three months ago and began immediately investing in the company with a fleet expansion programme. This, according to the Director, saw staff receiving training overseas and the recruitment of new personnel. Tiwari pointed out that the new Cessna Grand Caravan is outfitted to provide the highest standard of comfort for passengers. The Director assured that her company will be continuing its efforts to improve the aviation sector by investing in new aircraft and higher standards of operations and customer care.

President Donald Ramotar, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Transport Minister Robeson Benn along with Director of JAGS Aviation, Briony Tiwari inside the new Cessna Grand Caravan

President Donald Ramotar, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Transport Minister Robeson Benn along with Director of JAGS Aviation, Briony Tiwari inside the new Cessna Grand Caravan

In addition, she pledged her commitment to investing in promoting the country’s tourism sector. “You will also see substantial investment in the promotion of Guyana as a destination for international and domestic tourism… we want to encourage everyone in the tourism and transportation sectors to work together to quickly bring Guyana’s tourism infrastructure to the place where we are hosting a substantial amount of tourists each year,” she stated.

The young airline director noted that they are currently using the facility of Wings Aviation; however, they are currently engaged in negotiations for land to build a new hangar.

In delivering his feature address, President Donald Ramotar pointed out that for too long Guyana has been the best kept secret, but it is now putting its tourism products out there. He highlighted the importance of air transportation for the various sectors, particularly mining.

According to the President, milestones such as this are possible after Government would have invested in the sector. On this note, he mentioned the importance of proper facilities referencing the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) Expansion Project.

Brian Tiwari escorting President Ramotar for a tour of the Cessna Grand Caravan, recently bought by JAGS Aviation

Brian Tiwari escorting President Ramotar for a tour of the Cessna Grand Caravan, recently bought by JAGS Aviation

Meanwhile, acting Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali also spoke about the gains the tourism sector has made over the years. He noted that Government has made provisions for any company that invests in the aviation sector, in order to boost tourism transportation within and outside of Guyana.

DEA team helping CANU in narco-sub probe

By Vahnu Manikchand

US Embassy Charge d’Affaires Bryan Hunt

US Embassy Charge d’Affaires Bryan Hunt

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been playing a supporting role to the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) in investigating the discovery of a submersible vessel in Region One two weeks ago.

In an exclusive interview with Guyana Times International, local US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Bryan Hunt said that the DEA has been playing a supporting role to CANU after Government had requested its assistance in the investigations.

“The Government of Guyana asked us to assist them technically with some of the forensics involved in the investigations. They asked for advice on the best way to handle securing and moving of the vessel so we have provided them with our best technical advice and our technical experts who have been working alongside the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit,” he disclosed.

The US Embassy official disclosed that there are a small number of DEA officials involved in the investigations.

He noted that their participation in the probe varies every day, depending on the level and type of expertise needed at the site.

DEA officers from the regional offices, the Caribbean and the US comprise the small team assisting with the investigations. Asked whether DEA intelligence so far has shown links to any drug cartels, Hunt noted that it was too early in the investigations to determine this; however, based upon the DEA’s professional assessment thus far, the vessel was intended for the movement of narcotics.

According to the Charge d’Affaires, anti-narcotics agencies around the world have made many such discoveries of semi-submersible vessels, including those in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Hunt explained that the DEA has been involved in some of those discoveries. He went on to say that using the knowledge gained, the DEA will try to assist CANU with comparing the vessel found with other known models and types previously discovered in order to determine the similarities and differences so that they can identify the owners.

Further questioned on whether the comparison process has begun, the US Embassy Charge d’Affaires reiterated that it was too early in the investigations to do this.

Guyanese fugitive arrested in Queens

…after shootout with US marshals

Guyana-born Oswald Lewis

Guyana-born Oswald Lewis

Newspapers in New York are reporting that it took seven US marshals using combat gear to swoop down on the 175th Street, Queens, New York residence of Guyanese-born Oswald Lewis, at about 23:00hrs on Tuesday night, and ram their way into the man’s apartment, where the marshals were confronted with gunfire from an automatic weapon before they were able to arrest the man.

Lewis has reportedly been living in the United States for most of his life; and according to authorities in that country, he has been engaged in the smuggling of drugs for years.

Persons who spoke to the US press said the Guyanese-born drug lord seemed prepared for the lawmen’s visit. But after coming under fire, the marshals returned fire, forcing Lewis to take evasive measures. Reports are that he was wanted for cocaine smuggling and assault.

The marshals were backed up by ranks from the New York Police Department, and as the man attempted to escape via his backyard, he was confronted by the NYPD ranks, upon whom he also fired. After realizing there was nowhere to run, Lewis retreated into the apartment, abandoning his automatic pistol after he had been shot once to the left hand, the US press reported.

Law enforcers converse after Lewis surrendered

Law enforcers converse after Lewis surrendered

The late night drama saw curious onlookers coming out of their apartments and peering through windows, hoping not to miss any part of the action. Persons were seen standing on the streets across from the man’s apartment with their smart phones and other gadgets, taking pictures and making other recordings of the ordeal.

Lewis, according to the US press as advised by the lawmen, had been on the run for more than ten years. In 1991, he was indicted for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Eyewitnesses related that it was he who had first shot at police and marshals, forcing them to return fire.

The witnesses also reported to the media that Lewis tossed his gun outside the front door of his apartment before walking out with his hands in the air, although he was still wearing his bullet-proof vest and bleeding from the arm.

He later reportedly broke down and cried like a child when arrested and handcuffed by the lawmen.

Eyewitness said that after the first responders had showed up at the man’s house and had come under fire, back-up ranks swarmed the entire block within thirty seconds, causing residents to describe the police response as “incredible”

“Attack on Chinese investors is extremely worrying” – President Ramotar

President Donald Ramotar

President Donald Ramotar

The Government of Guyana has been spending huge sums of money to create a country with a highly improved infrastructure base, to propel rapid economic growth and a better life for its citizens.

At the same time, it has been putting in other services to attract both foreign and direct investment which aid in economic development and wealth creation and job opportunities.

But while the country has been experiencing year after year of economic growth, there seems to be a pattern emerging; a coordinated attack on investments in the country.

President Donald Ramotar, in a recent interview with the National Communications Network, said, “That pattern has been shown from the beginning of last year; it’s not a one-off act. How do you explain the non-support of the Amalia Falls, the Specialty Hospital, the expansion of the CJIA (Cheddi Jagan International Airport)?”

Citing as another “clear pattern of attack” the many attempts to villify any investment plan involving the Chinese, President Ramotar said: “This is extremely worrying, because China has proven to be a very reliable developmental partner, not only to us in Guyana, but to the Caribbean.”

In some instances, he said, Opposition politicians initially supported some of the projects, only to withdraw their support along with the requisite funding. “Is it intended to put us in an awkward position to lose a lot of money?  Because your voting for these things in the past has allowed us to have contractual arrangements in many areas; and now voting against them.”

As the President was at pains to explain, whenever queries arise about any investment, the government and investors are, and remain, prepared to provide answers to those enquires. And the fact that comprehensive measures were taken by government to provide details, some of which were highly confidential, to Opposition politicians, who still decided to oppose the investments, raises the issue of the true purpose of their actions.

But in spite of all the aggravation, Guyana still remains open to investment, foreign or local, President Ramotar said, once interested companies abide by the country’s rules and regulations.

“You are welcome to invest in our economy and our society,” he urged whoever may be thinking seriously about investing in Guyana, in spite of the two main Opposition parties’ obvious anti-developmental agenda.

He said that the Government still remains open to dialogue, at any time, with other Parliamentary political parties, he said, adding that he hopes good sense will prevail as efforts continue to have Guyana further advance on the path of development that it has taken over the last two decades.

Guyanese ‘mas band’ to hit Parkway in NYC parade

Monifah Alexander (Nelson A King photo)

Monifah Alexander (Nelson A King photo)

In becoming the first Guyanese ‘mas band’ to hit the Parkway, ‘One Destiny’ says it is portraying the Caribbean Community (Caricom) member state’s Coat of Arms in making a difference.

“This year, One Destiny is portraying the national motto, along with the meaning of the Guyana flag,” said band leader Zeelema Verwayne in a Caribbean Life interview.

“This year’s portrayal is based on the fact that this year is going to be the first year after so long for the Guyanese community to have a truck on the Parkway,” added the Georgetown, Guyana-born native, who is also producing mas for the very first time.

“We decided to execute this idea because it has been talked about by many to have representation of our country on the road, but never taken seriously; and we’ve made it a ‘living reality,’” Verwayne continued.

“I hope that, after this year on the Parkway, we open an eye for the rest of our community – that shows that we, as Guyanese, can come together in unity and make things happen, where it is all about fun and laughter,” she said.

Verwayne said most of the masqueraders, who are Guyanese, will play in five sections: Essence, Raw Purity, Endurance, Passion and Unity. Each section comprises 30-40 masqueraders.

“I just want us to have clean fun and represent for Guyana what we haven’t seen on the Parkway in years,” Verwayne stressed.

“I love the idea of having a truck on the Parkway and seeing nothing but Guyanese following behind it,” she added. “It’ll be a fun and joyous experience, and I think that it will bring our community closer together.”

Verwayne also disclosed that Guyanese artistes Adrian Dutchin and Jomo Primo will be among others on the float.

Masqueraders will also sway to several Guyanese deejays – Kado, from Unity Family; First Class Sound; Uprising Star; Samuel Top Ranking; Kash; and GT Hi Five.

“I just want to say thank you to all in advance, who are taking the time to join and make our first year a successful one,” Verwayne said.

“One Destiny” mas camp is located at 4807 Church Avenue, between 48th and 49th streets in Brooklyn.

Verwayne can be reached on Facebook at “wearefamilyandfriendsofguyana”; email at; or call (347) 384-0497 or (347) 383-8718.

Guyana Amazon Warriors dispute outcome of CPL final

Captain of the Guyana Amazon Warriors team Denesh Ramdin

Captain of the Guyana Amazon Warriors team Denesh Ramdin

The Management of the Guyana Amazon Warriors Team has taken a decision to contest the outcome of the second Caribbean Premier League (CPL) final played between the Amazon Warriors and the Barbados Tridents on August 16 at Warner Park, St Kitts and Nevis.

This decision was taken following a review of the sequence of events that took place during the game, which started at 16:03h (4:03 p.m.) under overcast conditions.

During the Barbados Tridents innings, there were two rain interruptions – one at the end of 7 overs and the other at 11.2 overs. By the end of the Tridents innings of 20 overs, they had scored 152 runs for 6 wickets.

At the start of the Guyana Amazon Warriors innings, the Duckworth/Lewis calculation sheet was provided as per norm. During the course of the Amazon Warriors innings, rain interrupted the game at 15.5 overs with the Amazon Warriors score at 107 runs for 4 wickets.

After the rain interruption, the covers were removed, mopping up took place, and the stumps were back in position, with the field and pitch ready for play to resume. This entire process was conducted under the supervision of the Fourth Umpire, who also indicated the restart of the game.

Both Match Umpires then went on the field when the stumps were up and subsequently went back off the field without communicating anything to the Guyana Amazon Warriors Team on the position of the game.

 It was clear at that stage that the umpires did not know the new Duckworth/Lewis calculations, which caused a further delay of more than 30 minutes within the stipulated match time.

At this point, an enquiry was made by the Guyana Amazon Warriors Team Manager with regard to the restart of the game. He was told that information will be provided in two minutes.

After approximately 10 minutes, with no information forthcoming, the Guyana Amazon Warriors Team Manager again approached the umpires and was told that the game will restart at 20:40h (8:40 p.m.) with the full quota of overs to be bowled.

At that stage, CPL even went on to update the fans via social media that the game will continue in full. This update can be viewed on

Suddenly, the Match Umpires at this late stage said that they were consulting with the CPL Technical Committee, which is strange in cricket, since the sole decision makers are the Umpires and the Match Referee.

At this stage, the Barbados Tridents Captain and Coach were called and advised about the restart of the game at 20:40h (8:40 p.m.), and both the Barbados Captain and Coach objected to the decision.

Further consultations took place between the Umpires, the Match Referee and the CPL Technical Committee.

After a few minutes, the Guyana Amazon Warriors Team was informed by the Match Referee that the match was ended and Barbados were declared winners based on the Duckworth/Lewis calculations.

It is important to note that the Management of the Guyana Amazon Warriors Team had raised this important issue with CPL officials with regard to the appointment of Umpires and Match Officials for the semi-finals and final of the tournament.

Another key conflicting matter to take note of is the fact that based on the Match Referee’s Game Breakdown Report, the second innings of the match should have been completed by 19:52h (7:52 p.m.).

But when the rain came and stopped play at 19:54h (7:54 p.m.), only 15.5 overs were completed. This demonstrates that there was a slow over rate by the Barbados Tridents and this was not dealt with by the umpires.

Subsequent to the biased final match, the Management of Guyana Amazon Warriors wrote CPL specifically with regard to the decision taken at the match and intends to vigorously pursue the arguments outlined above.

Meanwhile, the Management of the Guyana Amazon Warriors has expressed deep appreciation for the support demonstrated by the fans throughout the tournament and will keep members of the public updated.

Adrian Dutchin cops Folk Festival Award in NY

Adrian Dutchin

Adrian Dutchin

One of Guyana’s most versatile singing sensations, and a member of the X2 band was recently listed as the recipient of the 2014 Guyana Cultural Association Folk Festival Award in Brooklyn, New York.

Adrian Dutchin was duly recognised for his accomplishments in the performing arts that are representative of the inspiration derived from Guyana’s rich cultural heritage.

His span of appearances in the Guyanese and Caribbean diaspora with a cross section of top artistes has been impressive over the years, and this has led to him being a recipient of the award.

The Guyana Cultural Association Folk Festival Award ceremony is an annual event in Brooklyn, NY. On August 27, the committee will present awards to individuals for their work that represents meaningful contributions to the improvement of inter-ethnic dialogue and feelings of trust in Guyanese society at home and in the diaspora.

In an interview with Guyanese media, Dutchin thanked the committee for considering him for the award. He said that the award serves as a motivation to aim for bigger things. He is currently on that track since he is expected to release two singles shortly.

He dedicated the award to his fans for their support over the years and more so, his family. The proud father of two is also the recipient of the West Indian Music Award (WIMA) for Best Performer of the Year which he won for two consecutive years (2012 and 2013).

Dutchin also received the award for the Best Soca Song in 2013 with “Jook”.

QC Student tops CSEC exams

By Vahnu Manikchand and Nafeeza Yahya

Education Minister Priya Manickchand, Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam and some of the 2014 top students

Education Minister Priya Manickchand, Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam and some of the 2014 top students

Queen’s College took back the mantle this year as its students secured most of the top positions at this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) examinations.

The results were announced on Tuesday by Education Minister Priya Manickchand as she revealed the top 52 students who secured 11 or more Grade Ones.

Securing the top spot with 19 Grade Ones and One Grade Two, is Elisa Hamilton of Queen’s College. She was followed by Skeldon Line Path Secondary School student Bharti Bhoge and fellow QC student Larissa Wiltshire with a tie of 17 Grade Ones.

Elisa Hamilton is Guyana's top CSEC performer with 19 Grade Ones

Elisa Hamilton is Guyana’s top CSEC performer with 19 Grade Ones

Hamilton is currently vacationing overseas; however this publication contacted her parents who were not surprised but were nevertheless elated with their daughter’s performance. Her father Lennox Hamilton said that he suspected Larissa did well since Monday night after the school requested that he and his wife be present at the press conference for the announcement of the results.

He noted that they did not go but stayed home and watched it while messaging Elisa, who was also watching the live streaming online. “We were texting throughout the press conference and when we heard her results, I probably jumped to the roof. I was so elated and sent her a message but she already knew and said how delighted she was,” the father recalled.

According to Hamilton, the 16-year-old is a perfectionist and would have probably preferred 20 Grade Ones instead. He disclosed that Elisa has always been an overachiever and maintained good grades throughout her secondary school years.

The father said that Elisa is planning to follow the footsteps of her brother, who is a doctor; as such, she will be pursuing a career in the medical field. But for now, she will be doing A Levels at QC in September while keeping her eyes out for an expected scholarship to study abroad.

Line Path

Bharti Bhoge got 17 Grade Ones

Bharti Bhoge got 17 Grade Ones

Sixteen-year-old Bharti Bhoge of Line Path Secondary secured 17 grade ones. Bhoge is currently in the United States of America on vacation with her father and siblings. When the news was conveyed to her she could not believe. She attributed her success to hard work and dedication according to her uncle who described her as a “book worm,” always studying and reading. Her efforts earned her the number two spot in the country as the second overall top student.

Her Uncle Rabindranauth Bisnauth said Bhoge lost her mother in 2010 and during that time she was very traumatised   as her mom was murdered. She nevertheless continued her studies and emerged victorious. Seventeen-year-old Tressyia Ketwaroo, Bhoge’s study partner and close friend also of Line Path Secondary secured 16 grade ones and one grade two to earn the number 4 spot in the country.

Like her friend, she too knew she was going to do well but never expected to do so well. She related that they were looking at the television and when her name was announced by the Minister the entire household erupted with screams and tears of joy, her mom ran around the entire house before lifting her up and holding her in her arms.

The confident young lady said the results did not come as a surprise as she always strove to do the impossible. She is encouraging students who will be sitting the exams in the future to believe in themselves and read a lot.

“Many persons would not believe that Berbice can produce top in the country, but we did it, we are among the top”, she posited. She related that of the 18 subjects that she wrote she took up five business subjects off her own. She attributed her success to lots of reading and is very thankful for the support she received from her family and teachers as without their support, she could not have achieved the level of success she did. Etwaroo is aspiring to become a surgeon and will start making preparations to commence studying shortly.

Meanwhile, Wiltshire, who was placed third, along with fellow QC student Lisa John are also said to be overseas. John was awarded the fifth spot with 16 Grade Ones and One Grade Two. The sixth spot was taken by Walica Deokinanan of the Saraswati Vidya Niketan, who secured 15 Grade Ones, two Grade Twos and one Grade Three. Speaking to this newspaper, Deokinanan said that she is very pleased with her performance and was dumbfounded when she was told the news by her teacher. She said that she had to make some sacrifices while preparing for exams and had to stay at home studying most of the time, but it does not matter since it has paid off in the end. Deokinanan has already begun CAPE classes at SVN.

The seventh position was taken by another QC student. With 15 Grade Ones and two Grade Twos, Varsha Boodram was very excited about her results since she did not quite expect this as some of the subjects were very challenging. The 17-year-old is planning to return to QC to do CAPE.

Taking the number 8 spot is Natasha Alladin of JC ChandiSingh Secondary. She secured 15 grade ones. When this publication visited the young lady, she was extremely happy about placing among the top performers. She explained that she was in the science stream but took on some business subjects as well. “I wanted the experience in the different fields so I wrote some business subjects as well. I love challenges”. The future Cardiologist thanked God, her family, teachers and friends for the support. Alladin said, the most challenging aspect of her studies was waking up in the wee hours in the morning to study. She explained that the examinations were a bit challenging but the long hours of studies paid off.

The ninth and 10th spots were awarded to QC duo, Aliyyah Abdul Kadir and Sarah Hack respectively. Kadir obtained 15 Grade Ones and was not surprised with her results. She said that she had worked hard and expected to do well, but even as she received the news of her results, it was surreal.

Kadir said her intensive study regimes were instrumental in her studies. She will be attending Bishops to do her CAPE subjects since she is aspiring to be a lawyer and only that school offers the programme. Hack, on the other hand, secured 14 Grade Ones and two Grade Twos. The 16-year-old said that she was surprised with her results as she did not expect to do this well. She disclosed that she had heard the day before that she had done well but did not believe until it was announced by the Minister.

The aspiring doctor is looking to further her studies in the medical field abroad and is currently making preparations to do so. Queen’s College also obtained eight of the 10 spots of the country’s top performers at CAPE.

Region Two

Across in Essequibo, Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary School has once again emerged as the top school for the Region Two. Bibi Areefa Mohamed of ARMS secured passes in 19 subjects with 13 grade ones and six grade twos. The Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary School also has three other students in the top 25 of the country. (Additional reporting by Indrawattie Natram)

Surinamese fuel tanker sinks off Corentyne Coast

- two Guyanese crew members missing; two rescued

The Guyanese captain of a Surinamese-owned fuel tanker vessel is missing, but two crew members were rescued by a Venezuelan fishing vessel that responded to a distress call Tuesday afternoon, sources said.

“There were four crew members on board; two were rescued while the other two are missing. Search and rescue efforts are ongoing to locate the two missing crew members,” said Guyana’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) in a statement.

Feared drowned is Captain Rickram.

MARAD said that  about  9 O’clock Tuesday night the Guyana-registered Motor Tanker Swift Dolphin reportedly capsized off the coast in the vicinity of the mouth of the Corentyne River. It was proceeding from Paramaribo, Suriname to Georgetown, Guyana.

Other sources said the ill-fated vessel, MV Swift Dolphin, sank about 30 miles off the Corentyne Coast.

The captain and crew are all Guyanese. Sources said that the two crew members were still aboard the Venezuelan trawler that responded to the distress call. One of the crew members goes by the name, Leon.

A Guyanese cargo boat was Wednesday afternoon sailing to the area where MT Swift Dolphin sank.