August 3, 2015

CPL underlines tremendous socio-economic benefits for region’s economies

– Govt involvement critical to survival

By Michael Younge

Prime Minister and President (acting) Moses Nagamootoo and Minister of Governance, Minister of Foreign Affairs (acting) Raphael Trotman and Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson showing their support for the team

Prime Minister and President (acting) Moses Nagamootoo and Minister of Governance, Minister of Foreign Affairs (acting) Raphael Trotman and Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson showing their support for the team

High-ranking officials of the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) have underscored the important role that regional Governments can play in boosting the tournament while deriving positive socio-economic benefits that could have long term impacts on their developing economies.

Speaking during an interview with the Guyana Times International on Saturday, the Chief Financial Officer of the Caribbean Primer League, Barrie Corcoran, said that it takes a huge amount of investment to stage the tournament each year and to deliver on the exceptional standards associated with international cricket.

Corcoran stated that each year some US$25 million is invested into CPL just to ensure that it is hosted successfully as he explained that, if all Governments in the region were to get on board where necessary, the event could grow at an unprecedented rate, which in turn would see massive gains being derived by their economies.

“We offer a lot”, he said before listing that over the last three years, countries who have stakes in the tournament have managed to tap into the direct benefits associated from sports tourism, increased tourist arrivals and the promotion of their eco-tourism products to an international audience.

He reasoned that Governments also benefit from the fact that over 66 million people view the tournament around the world. “It is important that Governments hold hands with us and build this together…it is a partnership”, he insisted explaining that the venture will achieve all of its objectives if all come on board.

CPL’s Chief Operations Officer, Pete Russell, also explained that Governments who are supportive of the venture stand to gain more than to lose in any instant.

Dispelling rumors that the local franchise holders reap enormous personal benefits or returns from CPL when Governments pay fees as part of established agreements, Russell said this was far from the truth.

He explained that CPL is a private/public partnership initiative that is owned by several stakeholders. “The league is probably owned, in collaboration with the WICB (West Indian Cricket Board), Digicel are the majority owners of CPL…there are one or two minority stakeholders who are individuals….the WICB also has its stakes,” he explained as he attempted to clarify a misleading report which emanated in a section of the Guyanese press recently.

“I have heard reports that Bobby Ramroop is the owner of CPL, but that is not the case. Bobby Ramroop is the owner of the Amazon Warriors. He owns the franchise down here…all his investment goes into the team, so there is no money that comes or that he gets from CPL,” he further clarified.

He said that CPL sees the role of the Government of Guyana as crucial because of the axiomatic relationship that exists between t//he sport and the interest of its citizens, as well as the direct benefits that are procured in the end.

He said that discussions between CPL and the current Government of Guyana was ongoing and cordial, while noting that the Government is doing the right thing to ensure that they are reaping the benefits that they should from existing agreements. “I think they have done the right thing. They have done their due diligence in full…They wanted to make sure that those agreements were delivered by CPL…We are obviously debating and discussing the long term future…For us it is very important that CPL is a major factor in Guyana,” Russell noted.

He said that the new Governments in St Kitts and Antigua also ensured that they were getting value for money expended as part of their agreements with CPL, which predated their entrance into Government. “It’s a learning curve for everyone,” he insisted before noting that Government remains a key part of the partnership.

Nandlall denies any involvement in Crum-Ewing’s murder

- distances self from former bodyguard implicated

Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall

Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall

Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall at a press conference on Thursday admitted to hiring a man currently in police custody for the Courtney Crum-Ewing murder as his personal bodyguard, but said he fired the man four days later after being informed that he was giving out information about his whereabouts.

Nandlall insisted that the man, Rajput Narine, who is a former CANU officer and an employee of the Guyana Revenue Authority was hired on March 15, several days after the political activist was gunned down in Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

He denied any involvement in the actually killing or plot to kill the father of three. More so he denied ever threatening the man who had been protesting in front of his office for weeks. Police, he said never made contact with him in relation to the investigation.

Nandall says too that in light of everything that has happened and is happening he no longer feels safe.

Below is a statement read by Nandlall during the press conference which was held at Sleepin Hotel on Brickdam, before he entertained questions.


It has been published in the news that a former body guard of mine has been arrested by members of the Guyana Police Force in connection with the investigations relating to the death of Courtney Crum-Ewing.

Let me say from the outset, that Courtney Crum-Ewing protested for several months in front of the Ministry of Legal Affairs while I was the sitting Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs. During that time, I never once interacted or spoke to this individual. As far as I am aware, no harm befell him while he was conducting his protest actions at that location.

Courtney Crum Ewing was shot on the evening of March, 10th 2015, nearly 2 months after he had stopped protesting at the Ministry. At that time, I was speaking at a political public meeting in front of the Kali Mandir at Timehri. Approximately 100 persons were in attendance.

On my way down from that meeting, I was informed of the death of Crum-Ewing.

Immediately, wild allegations begun to be made, implying that the PPP was involved in this killing. I was advised to get security both at my home and body-guards. I contacted the Guyana Police Force and armed security from the Force was provided at my house and I was offered the opportunity to retain a person of my choice as my body-guard.

However, on the 12th of March, 2015, I left Guyana to accompany President Donald Ramotar to New York, without doing so. In New York, President Donald Ramotar held several meetings with the Guyanese community and at one of those meetings, I met an old acquaintance, Anter Narine. As we were chatting, the Crum E-wing issue came up and I told him that I was advised to hire a personal security upon my return and that I intend to do so.

He informed me that he has a brother in Guyana, Rajput Narine, who is a former CANU Officer and who is a licenced firearm holder and who is a person whom I can trust and that I should consider hiring him. He gave me his brother’s cell number. Upon my return to Guyana, I called the person and arranged to meet and met with him. I never knew him before, never spoke with him before and never saw him before. I met him on the 15th day of March, 2015, for the first time.

I met him in the presence of my driver who knew him from before. I explained to him the task at hand and he was willing to work as my body guard. He informed me that at the time, he was in the employ of the Guyana Revenue Authority and I need to write the Commissioner General and request his secondment. The following day, I did so and he commenced working with me.

However, after about 4 days, I was dissatisfied with his performance, generally. More importantly, my drivers reported that he was disclosing our whereabouts to persons on his telephone. As a result, I told him that I will no longer require his services and sent him away. I took back a vehicle which was assigned to him as a backup to my vehicle.

I next requested from the Commissioner of Police, two members of the Force as my security details. Two officers of the Force were assigned to me. They were recalled when I demitted office.

After, I sent away Rajput, I wrote to the Commissioner General so informing him.

I hope I have clearly demonstrated that I only came into contact with Rajput Narine after the death of Courtney Crum-Ewing. I take this opportunity to deny any involvement whatsoever in that incident and to say that there is obviously an attempt to implicate me and the PPP in this horrendous act as part of a political design.

I hope that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

Earth Tremor rattles Guyana and other parts of the Caribbean

A late morning earth tremor rattled several parts of Guyana on Thursday even as the nation’s capital city is tackling flooding.

Areas across Georgetown, the West Bank of Demerara and as far as the West Coast of Berbice experienced the earth tremor around 11:21 am.

Workers in several tall buildings rushed out of their offices and onto the roadways as the tremor in Georgetown had some buildings swaying. Hundreds of persons rushed to their Facebook and social media pages to recount the experience.

The island of Barbados also experienced two earth tremors on Thursday morning. The first one was experienced just after 7:00am while the second was experienced after 11:00am.

The tremors that were also felt in other Caribbean territories are being blamed on an earthquake that took place out in the Caribbean sea just off the coast of Barbados. The tremors measured a 6.5 magnitude.

Massive flood relief efforts being coordinated

– Govt announces temporary shelters for affected communities

A flooded street in Georgetown (Thursday, July 16, 2015)

A flooded street in Georgetown (Thursday, July 16, 2015)

The Government has announced that the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) is coordinating flood relief efforts and together with the Minister of Social Protection, Volda Lawrence, is assessing the need for temporary shelters in affected communities.

In a statement on Thursday morning, the government also announced that the Ministry of Social Protection has been mandated by Cabinet to ensure the safety and well-being of residents of senior citizen homes and other vulnerable citizens that fall within the purview of that Ministry.

“Cabinet met again at 08:00 hrs on Thursday morning, where a report on the assessment of the flood situation in Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 was given. From that report, Cabinet was able to determine that Region 4 is the most affected region with some flooding on the West Coast and the West Bank of Demerara in Region 3″, the statement added.

Regional Chairmen and Regional Executive Officers in the other assessed regions have reported that the flood situation in their regions is manageable.

The government said that with Cabinet’s approval, an aircraft was sent out this morning at 07:40 hrs on a reconnaissance mission.

Minister of State Joseph Harmon has been holding meetings with the head of the Civil Defence Commission, Colonel Chabilall Ramsarup. Minister Harmon holds responsibility for the CDC.

Early Thursday, President Granger summoned an emergency cabinet meeting and activated the CDCA to assist with the flooding situation. Additionally, the Guyana Defence Force has been called out to assist with flood relief and management efforts.

The government has indicated that the opposition, People’s Progressive Party (PPP/C) will be briefed and will be invited to participate in the flood relief efforts.

Meanwhile, the Opposition, People’s Progressive Party Civic is laying blame for the current flooding in the city at the doorsteps of the new administration. The PPP which was voted out of office two months ago after 23 years, is convinced that the governing coalition is focusing in the wrong areas.

In a statement, last evening as flood waters started to rise in Georgetown and other parts of the country, the PPP said “the manifestation of the APNU+AFC Administration’s incompetence is once again the burden of the citizenry as they are forced to grapple with flooding despite millions of dollars being expended by government to clean up the city.”

The PPP which did not call local government elections for 20 of its 23 years in office, said it is deplorable that even though citizens and businesses continue to pay millions of dollars in taxes to the Georgetown City Council, there is little or no relief as every time it rains Georgetown floods.

Taxi driver recounts harrowing experience at hands of bandits

By Jillica Pinder

Taxi driverTwenty-four-year-old Jonathan Gordon is alleging that he was beaten and robbed on Wednesday morning while plying his trade as a taxi driver attached to the Gem’s Taxi Service.

Gordon, speaking during an interview with Guyana Times International on Thursday, said that the incident occurred at 12:30h when he stopped to pick up three male passengers who were destined for Lamaha Springs, Greater Georgetown.

He said that on his way to that location, one of the passengers asked to be dropped off at Mandela Avenue and Meadow Brook Drive and he complied with the request.

When the first man exited the vehicle, he came over to the driver’s window and started looking for change. He then told his friend that he did not have change and that he should pay.

Gordon stated that as he turned to collect the cash from the second person who was on his left side in the front seat of his vehicle, the man on the outside of the vehicle leaned in, turned off the car, and took the key out of the ignition after which he proceeded to punch Gordon about his face.

The young man stated that the third man who was sitting behind him reached forward and held him in a chokehold.

After the beating, the group tied his hands together and pulled his shirt up to cover his face.

The man who had previously exited the vehicle returned, started the car, and drove off with Gordon tied and held hostage in his own vehicle.

He said he heard one of the men mention that they were going into B Field Sophia.

He added that the man who was sitting on his left told him that he would be shot if he moved or made any noise.

Gordon further mentioned that a fourth person later joined the vehicle after some time.

He suggested that this new assailant might be someone he knew or someone who knew him, as he was very keen on making sure that he was properly bound and that the t-shirt was fixed properly on his face before he entered the vehicle, and told the men to cut the seatbelts and secure his legs also.

The group, at gunpoint, asked him for money. He told them the money was in the car and that was all he had. He stated that one of the persons told him to “walk with more money next time”, if he knew what was good for him.

After another severe beating, the men then proceeded to throw him over a fence before driving away. Gordon said that he did not move until he was sure that the men were gone, after which he untied himself and removed the blindfold.

He noted that that was when he realised he was at Ogle on the East Coast of Demerara. Gordon said he walked to a nearby Shell Gas Station, explained to the security guard what happened, and asked him for a phone call.

The guard then told him that they should have killed him and refused to lend him a phone.

He shared that he then made his way along the seawall, intending to head to town when he saw a Police patrol and flagged them down. After he explained the situation, the officers dropped him at the East La Penitence Police Outpost as the incident had happened out of their jurisdiction.

An investigation of the matter is ongoing.

Guyana Amazon Warriors call for fans to rally with the Team

Guyana Amazon Warriors Captain Denesh Ramdin and Carl Hooper

Guyana Amazon Warriors Captain Denesh Ramdin and Carl Hooper

Team Operations Manager of the Guyana Amazon Warriors (GAW) Omar Khan said that home fans support will be important to the Warriors for their home games in the 2015 Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) beginning next Wednesday at the Guyana National Stadium at Providence.

Fresh off their second victory against the St. Kitts/Nevis Patriots Wednesday night at Warner Park in St. Kitts, Khan expressed confidence that Amazon Warriors will bounce back into contention for the playoffs in their crucial home matches against the Jamaica Tallawahs on July 15th, St. Lucia Zouks – July 17th, Barbados Tridents – July 18th and Trinidad and Tobago Red Steels on July 21st.

“Unlike the past two years, where the Guyana Amazon Warriors started their campaign at home, this year we have been on the road with matches in Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts/Nevis and Jamaica where the home teams have received tremendous support, so we are looking forward to the tremendous support from all of Guyana when we return to play at Providence,” he said.

The Amazon Warriors, losing finalists in the two previous editions of the tournament have suffered two closely fought defeats against the St. Lucia Zouks and the Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel.

Khan is urging local fans to secure their tickets early as he anticipates sold out crowds for all four matches. Tickets are going fast so fans are urged to take the opportunity to get the remaining tickets early.

Tickets are being sold at the CPL Central Office on Middle Street as well as the Guyana National Stadium Ticket Office, Courts stores in Georgetown, Berbice, Parika and Linden and at Ramdhan Distribution located at 19 Princess Elizabeth Road, New Amsterdam, and a few buildings from Berbice High School (BHS).

Kaieteur News scandalises CPL

….puts words into Finance Minister’s mouth

Supporters of the Guyana Amazon Warriors

Supporters of the Guyana Amazon Warriors

In a totally unwarranted attack against  Dr Ranjisinghi Ramroop, CEO of the NewGPC, which owns the Guyana Amazon Warriors T-20 cricket team, the Kaieteur News headlined on Wednesday  that Finance Minister Winston Jordan said the “Govt will not pay Ramroop’s Gy$100M CPL invoice”. In the story, however, there is no quote that the Finance Minister, in fact, made any such assertion and after being contacted verified he did not mention Dr Ramroop.

Asked for a comment on the allegation, Dr Ramroop said, “The people running the Kaieteur News are either totally ignorant about the nature of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) or they are up to their usual sensationalisation to sell papers. It was made clear when the CPL was launched that it is an independent corporation based overseas that has allocated seven franchises -originally six – to various territories. This information is even on Wiki! We only own the Guyana Amazon Warriors – not the CPL and I am sure that the Finance Minister did not make the assertion the KN claims he did.”

 The  Wikipedia article Dr Ramroop alluded to,  states: “On December 13, 2012, the WICB announced that they had finalised an agreement with Ajmal Khan founder of Verus International,a Barbados-based merchant bank, for the funding of the new franchise-based Twenty20 league to be launched in 2013. It was then expected that the new Caribbean Premier League was likely to comprise six Caribbean city-based franchises as opposed to the current territorial set-up with the majority of the players are to come from the West Indies. As part of the agreement, the WICB will receive additional funding from Verus International for additional retainer contracts for players in addition to the 20 annual retainer contracts the board currently funds.”

What is also significant is the substantial investment made by individual Franchisees such as the Guyana Amazon Warriors that impacts on the economy and the society. If for instance the New GPC had not made the investment on the cricket team, Guyana could have reaped none of the benefits it has and will continue to enjoy. By sponsoring four local young Guyanese talent to be with the team while offering them remuneration, is an investment in developing local talent that benefits the nation.

Because the NewGPC is a unit of a QAII which also owns a full media house – TV, Radio and Press- the Warriors have also benefitted from a tremendous amount of publicity which from an opportunity cost standpoint costs the franchisee millions of dollars which go unmentioned. That the CPL was able to attract as investors a multi-national corporation like Hero and mega Bollywood Stars like Shahrukh Khan, has been a boost to the entire Caribbean’s image as an investment destination.

But in terms of the payments by the Guyana government to the CPL, this is in line with similar payments made by other participating Caribbean territories for the concrete benefits provided by the tournament in addition to the invaluable value of bringing together the people of the Caribbean. All governments understand the benefits of publicity for their tourism industry, even if the KN does not.

The CPL has since launched two widely successful tournaments in the Caribbean during 2013 and 2014 which was broadcast across the cricket playing world of 800 million people. The third tournament is presently underway. An independent Economic Impact study revealed last December  that the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) injected into the Caribbean region’s economy a whopping US$166 million during the 2014 tournament. This injection was a significant increase of 58% compared to the tournament’s economic impact in 2013.

MPs List signals transition to younger leadership – PPP

Jagdeo confirmed as Opposition Leader

Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

Although left off of the Party’s List of Members of Parliament (MPs), Central Executive Member of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), Donald Ramotar, who ran for another term as President of Guyana, has pledged his support for those who will be going to Parliament.

Ramotar, in explaining why he did not appear on the MPs’ List, stated that it was time for the PPP/C to allow the younger generation to take charge and lead. “…why am I not in Parliament? I would like to answer that question straight away to say that my personal view is that the Party should go into transition at this point in time and to transition to younger leaders to take us to future successes in the Party,” he noted.

He added that the leadership of the Party was engaged in extensive discussions and finally agreed that former President Bharrat Jagdeo should return at the helm of the PPP/C as the Leader of the Opposition. Ramotar clarified that the MPs were not arrived at via a voting process, but rather through extensive discussions which led to a consensus.

Ramotar and Harper

Collin Croal

Collin Croal

Given that Ramotar and Elisabeth Harper were its Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates, the PPP/C is now faced with the reality that many may feel slighted that these two individuals will not be in Parliament to represent their constituency. When presented with this scenario, Ramotar explained that the drastic change in Guyana’s political atmosphere effected the decision to leave himself and Harper out of the parliamentary chambers.

“The whole situation in our country has changed tremendously; of course, we went into the elections with the expectations of winning the elections, we did win the elections, as I said before, we are convinced that it was stolen from us, so that changed the political situation quite a lot,” he said.

Ramotar added, “I think our supporters voted for the list and that they may very well understand the situation at hand.”

Although he will not be representing the Party at the parliamentary level, Ramotar affirmed that he would remain within the leadership of the Party and would continue to represent and fight for the rights of all Guyanese.

“I am not going anywhere; I will not stop representing the people of this country. I am here and I will continue to struggle on their behalf,” he assured.

Further, Ramotar said he would not be seeking to re-enter office in the capacity of Head of State unless something “really dramatic” occurred and his colleagues required him to return.

For Harper’s part, she had indicated to Guyana Times International her desire to stay out of the political scene for now.

Controversial figures

Nigel Dharmalall

Nigel Dharmalall

Appearing on the Party’s List of MPs are several controversial figures, whom some sections of society blamed for the failure of the Party at the recently-concluded elections.

A few of those include former Minister Dr Bheri Ramsaran who made headlines and was even relieved of his ministerial duties after he verbally assaulted social activist Sherlina Nageer; Dr Westford whose former ministry is currently being investigated for transfer of vehicle; and Anil Nandlall whose name was stained after a controversial conversation between him and a Kaieteur News reporter was leaked and went viral.

Ramotar admitted that there were heated deliberations concerning the appointment of certain individuals as MPs; however, in the end, a final decision had to be made by the Party regardless of individual views.

“In a political party like ours, there will be a lot of discussions, debates and disagreements, but, in the final analysis, when we come to a decision, that’s it, it’s the final decision.

There were people in our Party who were probably not in favour of every single person on the list … it would be totally unnatural if everybody were to agree on everyone there, but in the end that is the final decision of the Party and these are the people they want to take to Parliament and I will do my best to support them,” he said, noting that it was irrelevant to disclose whether or not he agreed with the individuals on the list.

He also indicated that if the need arose for changes to be made among the parliamentary representatives, the PPP/C would be capable of doing so.

Ramsammy out

The PPP/C had revealed its list of MPs on Monday evening which indicated that former Agriculture Minister Leslie Ramsammy would be returning to Parliament. However, due to his ill health, Ramsammy will no longer be participating and, therefore, the PPP/C will have to find a replacement.

Moreover, other individuals who appeared on the PPP/C List of Candidates, including former Minister Robert Persaud, Dr Ashni Singh, Dr Nanda Kishore Gopaul, Robeson Benn and Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett have already indicated, in some way, their reason for not returning.

Ramotar maintained that the Party has no issues with those who were left out, noting that he was sure the PPP/C will have other important tasks for them.

Judge, husband assaulted in home invasion

Land Court Judge, Nicole Pierre

Land Court Judge, Nicole Pierre

Four men have been taken into custody following the early morning home invasion and beating of Land Court Judge, Nicole Pierre and her husband.

The ordeal took place at the couple’s Felicity, East Coast Demerara home just after 1:20 AM on Thursday.

According to a police statement, the Special Constable who provides security duties for the Judge was overpowered and tied up before the bandits moved inside the house and physically assaulted the Judge and her husband. The couple’s young son was also home at the time but was reportedly unhurt.

The perpetrators were about to make off with a security safe with money and jewellery and a suitcase of other articles when they came under fire from a security guard at a nearby premises.

The security guard and the armed men were involved in a confrontation as police dashed to the scene. The men reportedly dropped the safe and suitcase and hurried away from the scene.

The police force in a statement said police officers responded to the report and investigations have led to the arrest of four men, who are in custody assisting with the investigations.

The Judge and her husband have since been admitted to a city hospital for treatment to their injuries.

CPL seen as major economic driver of region’s economies

- US$24.5M injected into Guyana’s economy from 2013 tourney

A large crowd at a CPL game

A large crowd at a CPL game

Amid a slowdown following the long election campaign season and its aftermath, the recently launched third edition of the Caribbean Premier League is seen as a the right fillip to help jumpstart the economy.

According to an independent Economic Impact study on the tournament last year, Guyana’s economy cashed in on some US$24.5 million from the overall US$166 million that was injected into the Region’s economy during the 2014 tournament – a significant increase of 58 per cent on 2013.

Only last week, business Executive and former President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) Clinton Urling, told Guyana Times International that he was searching for answers as to why the economy remains stagnant, even with the end to the election period.

Meanwhile, asked for a comment on the reported slowing down of the economy, Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin said: “I don’t have the data to support the notion that the business is on a downhill” although saying that there is “some indication, however, that this is the case.”

Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin

Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin

Asked whether CPL is just the right fillip at this time to help jumpstart the economy, Gaskin said “generally, any major sporting event that excites Guyanese and brings people to Guyana has the potential to positively impact the economy… I do believe that the CPL games may increase the economic activities,” he offered.

According to the study conducted by SMG-Insight/YouGov, one of the world’s leading sports measurement, research and analysis companies, showed a breakout across each of the eight markets as follows: Antigua and Barbuda – US$13.8 million; Barbados – US$28.7 million; Grenada – US$13.3 million; Guyana – US$24.5 million; Jamaica – US$25.1 million; St Kitts and Nevis – US$26.3 million; St Lucia – US$13.9 million and Trinidad and Tobago – US$21.1 million. With an investment of over US$25 million to date, the CPL is the world’s second biggest T20 cricket tournament – behind the Indian Premier League – and is set to continue growing in 2015 and beyond. The study also revealed that last year host country for the finals, St Kitts and Nevis, reaped significant benefits with a whopping US$25.1 million invested in the local economy – second only to Barbados with US$28.7 million. Key findings in the report show: incremental spending by regional and international fans totalled US$47.4 million (excluding accommodation and airfares); an estimated 217,176 regional and international spectators watched CPL 2014 live; the international TV audience increased to 65 million in 2014 from 36 million in 2013, with 29 broadcasters from around the world airing the games live; over 21,500 international visitors (approximately 10 per cent of total spectators), attended CPL 2014, spending US$7.9 million; thousands of new jobs were created in tourism and travel across the Region by CPL and more than 156,000 jobs positively impacted and the tournament’s high profile international broadcast media campaign (which encouraged tourism in the Region) generated US$4.47 million in advertising value.

CPL’s CEO, Damien O’Donohoe had said that “These results are fantastic and are a testament to CPL’s significance as an economic driver in the Region. While we have always said that the Caribbean is without doubt the natural home of T20 cricket, we are very proud to say that CPL is now a truly international event – appealing to fans and players from around the world – and one that the people of the Caribbean should be very proud of.”