December 2, 2015

Jagdeo addresses International Climate Conference in Russia

– calls for legally binding global agreement

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo addressing the conference. Seated at the head table are Sergei Donskoi, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia  and Helena Molin Valdes, Head of the Secretariat of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo addressing the conference. Seated at the head table are Sergei Donskoi, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia
and Helena Molin Valdes, Head of the Secretariat of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition

Former President and Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo was one of the leaders of an International Climate Conference held in Russia recently.

Jagdeo, a leading global anti-climate change activist, addressed the event alongside the Head of the United Nations Environment Programme Achim Steiner and Executive Secretary of the UN Climate Change Secretariat Christiana Figueres, commended the outreach by the Russian Government to business enterprises, civil society and the international community as part of its preparation for the upcoming Conference of the Parties 21 (COP 21) Meeting in Paris, France.

Jagdeo shared his perspectives regarding the prospect for and essential components of, a successful agreement in Paris including the need for a global agreement that is legally binding.

He also spoke of the necessity of an agreement on climate financing at scale to allow developing countries to raise their ambition levels on mitigation action (as outlined in their INDCs), adapt to climate change and transition to a green economy.

The former President will also have several bilateral meetings with various stakeholders while in Russia.

Last month, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Jagdeo joined world leaders in New York, as the international community accelerates preparations towards reaching a historic global climate agreement in Paris in December.

While there, Jagdeo emphasised how people from developing countries around the world continued to be united in their desire to provide solutions to climate change.

From November 30 to December 11, global leaders will gather at the Le Bourget site in Paris for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP) 12 Summit the Paris Agreement to conclude negotiations on an agreement to address issues of climate change

The new agreement will take the form of a protocol, another legal instrument or ‘an agreed outcome with legal force’, and will be applicable to all parties and will have to bring together the current patchwork of binding and non-binding arrangements under the UN climate convention into a single comprehensive regime.

It is expected to be implemented from 2020.

Jagdeo updates Guyanese diaspora in New York


Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo with youths of one of the  Mandirs on his visit

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo with youths of one of the Mandirs on his visit

Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo has been met with Guyanese based in New York, United States of America over the past weekend, to update them on recent political and other developments in Guyana.

Jagdeo met with senior citizens and Guyanese community groups here to explain the situation in Guyana.

The former Guyanese leader visited a Mosque and Mandir frequented by Guyanese.

During these engagements, he spoke of the ongoing efforts to further strengthen the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), with heavy emphasis of injecting new blood in the country’s oldest political movement.

The Opposition Leader said the Party will continue to serve the people at the grassroots level.

Jagdeo spoke of the errors in the May 11, 2015 General and Regional Elections and shed light on the legal proceedings filed by the PPP/C, asking for a recount, due to several discrepancies on the part of the Guyana Elections Commission which were unearthed shortly after the polls.

He also spoke of the PPP/C’s insistence in ensuring the election machinery is strengthened at Gecom so as to avoid a recurrence.

The former Guyanese leader exposed the true intentions behind the government ministers taking hefty pay hikes, while public servants were handed a mere 5 per cent increase, while pensioners’ water and electricity subsidies were removed, and the Gy$10,000 cash grant for students in public schools was discontinued.

During the engagements, the Opposition leader also explained that the local economy has been on the decline since the APNU+AFC took office back in May. Jagdeo highlighted that currently there is a total halt in economic activities as there is a lack of confidence by both local and foreign investors.

Jagdeo said from all indications rice and sugar – two cornerstone industries of the Guyanese economy – are not being given attention by government and explained that should this continue Guyana would be on the path to the darks days of pre-1992.

The former Guyanese leader also explained the ongoing political and racial discrimination being meted out to Guyanese of all ethnicities who are perceived to be supporters of the PPP/C.

Jagdeo earlier attended a meeting of the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States’ Eminent Persons Group (EPG) in Brussels, Belgium, where he along with 11 other internationally experienced and politically astute former Heads of State, Ambassadors, heads and members of international organisations and Heads of Government, went to finalise a report on the Future of the ACP post-2020, when the Partnership Agreement with the European Union known as Cotonou Agreement comes to an end.

The EPG, of which Jagdeo is a co-Vice Chair, will present the finalised report to Heads of State and Government of the ACP when they meet in the near future.

The EPG was established by the ACP in 2013 and was tasked with assessing the ACP’s performance, with the aim of proposing a fresh vision of the ACP as a contemporary international organisation in the lead-up to and beyond 2020.

Diwali celebrated by US Congress

Congressman Ami Bera and Congressman George Holding celebrate Diwali with members of the Indian American Diaspora

Congressman Ami Bera and Congressman George Holding celebrate
Diwali with members of the Indian American Diaspora

The US Congress celebrated Diwali with more than 1000 Indian American invitees, including Guyanese and other Caribbean people, attending.

Diwali has been celebrated annually in Congress and at the White House over the past 15 years. Some 30 members of Congress partook in the celebrations last Wednesday evening. The event was used to celebrate the accomplishments of the Indian American Diaspora.

The annual celebration, which attracts people and organisations from all over the US, was organised this year by Congressman Ami Bera and Congressman George Holding, Democratic and Republican co-chairs of the Caucus on India and Indian Americans.

The Members of Congress say Diwali at Capitol Hill provides an opportunity to meet with members of Congress and other elected officials to celebrate the contributions of the South Asian community in medicine, business, technology, health care, arts, academics and much more.

Bera, the lone Indian American Congressman, and one of only two Hindus in the august body, in a release about the event said that the event celebrated “who we are and all our community has accomplished.”

“Over the next decade, I look forward to making DC, the hub for connecting members of the community not just from the surrounding region, but across the country to celebrate our progress and talk about the future. The Indian American community has been playing a key role in building needed ties between our two countries, and I congratulate the volunteers who worked to make this year’s Diwali celebration in Washington a success.”

US President Barack Obama celebrates Diwali at the White House later in the month. Guyanese Americans were invited to past celebrations.

Man granted Gy$1M bail for causing death of wife in Harbour Bridge accident

Dhanram Ramdeo Ramlall

Dhanram Ramdeo Ramlall

According to an online news agency, a 26-year old Vendor was on Thursday granted bail in the sum of Gy$1 million for the November 8 Demerara Harbour Bridge fatal accident which resulted in the death of his wife.

The man, Dhanram Ramdeo Ramlall appeared in the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Judy Latchman and entered a not guilty plea while his Attorney filed the application for bail so that he could attend the funeral of his wife and also care for their 9-month-old child.

In keeping with advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions, Ramlall was charged for causing the death of 22 -year-old Gangadai Persaud by dangerous driving.

The two had been married for two years. The accused refused to have his matter heard in the High Court before a Judge and a Jury and asked that it be heard and concluded in the Magistrate’s Court.

According to Ramlall’s Attorney, the couple was heading to the Plaisance Market to ply their trade when he lost control of the canter truck he was driving and slid off the bridge.

The Court heard that the rainy environment and the wet nature of the bridge were also contributing factors to Ramlall’s canter sliding.

His Attorney told the Court that the truck was submerged with both individuals but after five minutes Ramlall was able to free himself but was unable to save his wife who later perished.

The prosecution’s facts in relation to the matter were totally different. It is alleged that Ramlall was driving at a fast rate when he suddenly applied brakes on the wet bridge and subsequently lost control of the vehicle.

When asked by the Magistrate to substantiate the claim of speeding, the prosecutor informed the court that Ramlall admitted himself that he was driving at 40KMH while the speed on the bridge is far below that.

There is also an eyewitness report which claims that he was turning around on the bridge. Bail was however set in the sum of Gy$1M and he will return to Court on November 30.

Road carnage continues – 4 dead in 2 days

Dead: Balram Nourang

Dead: Balram Nourang

Two teenagers were on Tuesday evening killed after the car in which they were travelling slammed into a concrete base at Number 75 Village “Welcome to Corriverton” arch, Berbice when the driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle.

Dead are 19-year-old Balram Nourang and 17-year-old Haresh Ramsaywack both of Number 69 Village Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne). The two were the only occupants of the car and said to be best friends since they were young children.

According to reports, the accident occurred about 23:20h. Nourang and Ramsaywack   were travelling in motor car PEE 6017 and were proceeding south along the eastern lane at a reportedly fast pace when the driver swerved west and lost control of the vehicle. This resulted in the car slamming into the Number 75 Arch located at the western corner of the Number 74 Public Road.

As a result, the driver, Nourang, was flung from the vehicle and Ramsaywack who was seated in the front passenger seat was pinned. Public-spirited citizens called the Fire Service and firemen had to prise open the car to get Ramsaywack out.

Guyana Times International was told that both teenagers suffered head injuries and were rushed to the Skeldon Hospital where they were pronounced dead on arrival.

DEAD; Haresh Ramsaywack

DEAD; Haresh Ramsaywack

Speaking with this newspaper, Nourang’s uncle, Omchand, said his nephew borrowed his car about 20:00h on Tuesday and promised to return it the following morning. He said that he subsequently received a call about the accident and rushed to the scene where firemen and Police were cutting open the car to get Ramsaywack out.

According to the uncle, it took over 90 minutes before they managed to free Ramsaywack.

“The Fire Service used their hammer and crow bar and we had to tie a rope on the door and use manpower to pull it open and them take him out,” Omchand said.

Meanwhile, Ramsaywack’s mother, Linie, in tears told this publication that she did not know where her son went. She said she last saw him about 16:00h on Tuesday when she returned home from selling in the market.

“I don’t know when he left, but his friend would always come and pick him up, because his friend has a car. The two of them were friends since they were small,” the single parent said.

Ramsaywack leaves to mourn his mother and two sisters, while Nourang leaves to mourn his parents and two brothers.

Tuesday night’s accident comes on the heels of another Corentyne smash-up which claimed the lives of two other persons and left three others injured.

Those killed were Paula Kissoondial, age 53; and Akeem Harry, age 15, both of Rose Hall, Corentyne. Those injured are Jermiane Smartt, Winston Collins and Keith Ross, also of Rose Hall.

The accident occurred after the car in which they were travelling slammed into a fence at Number 43 Village, Corentyne Highway.

Kissoondial was pronounced dead at the Skeldon Hospital; Harry died while receiving medical attention at the same medical institution.

According to reports, the five were travelling in motor car PRR 164 which was being driven by Collins when the accident occurred at 11:30h. Guyana Times International was told that they were returning home after dropping a relative at the Canawaima Ferry Stelling [Guyana/Suriname ferry crossing].

Reports further state that tragedy struck when the car suffered a tyre blowout, causing the driver to lose control. This resulted in the car slamming into a fence.

Swami Vidyanandaji gets emotional send-off

…as thousands pay last respects


Guyanese from all walks of life on Wednesday turned up at the Cove and John Ashram, East Coast Demerara to pay their last respects to a renowned spiritual leader, Swami Vidyanandaji during a moving, emotional funeral service and cremation exercise. In the photo from the left are former President Donald Ramotar and Mrs Deolatchmee Ramotar, Education, Culture and Youth Minister, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, former Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and his wife Seeta Nagamooto  and others (Carl Croker photo)

Guyanese from all walks of life on Wednesday turned up at the Cove and John Ashram, East Coast Demerara to pay their last respects to a renowned spiritual
leader, Swami Vidyanandaji during a moving, emotional funeral service and cremation exercise. In the photo from the left are former President Donald Ramotar and
Mrs Deolatchmee Ramotar, Education, Culture and Youth Minister, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, former Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo
and his wife Seeta Nagamooto and others (Carl Croker photo)

Thousands of Hindu devotees, scores of prominent figures in society, members of the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government and the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) turned up at the Cove and John Ashram to pay their final respects to the renowned spiritual leader Swami Vidyanandaji, where he was cremated on Wednesday.

President of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, Dr Vindiya Persaud, told the gathering that she was very humbled to be asked to say a few words on a man who has touched the lives of many and inspired many young fertile minds as he advocated the powerful message of education.

“We live in a country where like so many around the world, we face many challenges… but it is moments when we engage in spiritual pursuits and we surround ourselves with those who have good teachings, learning and wisdoms that we understand our purpose in life. Swamiji’s legacy is a positive one, is a clear one that our people must remain educated, that our young people must be given all of the skills to develop their true and full potential and that we must continue to foster understanding, respect and love for each other, when we come on this earth we know that there is a cycle of birth and death but it is the message that we leave on our departure that remains most important and I believe that the many of you who sit here today [Wednesday] and the many of you who are not here today will continue to follow in the footsteps of a man whose life displayed humility, simplicity and inclusivity,” she said.

Former President Donald Ramotar, in his address stated that those gathered at the Ashram had gone there for two purposes; to mourn the passing of the late Swami and also to celebrate his life contributions which he made.

Swami Vidyanandaji Maharaj, spiritual director of the Cove and John Ashram and the America Sevashram Sangha was cremated on Wednesday at a ceremony which saw a large gathering at the East Coast institution. (See full story inside)

Swami Vidyanandaji Maharaj, spiritual director of the Cove and John Ashram and the America Sevashram Sangha was cremated on Wednesday at a ceremony which saw a large gathering at the East Coast institution. (See full story inside)

He emphasised that the Swami started his journey from extremely humble backgrounds but elevated himself and as such persons in the country who wish to seek self development can use his life as an example.

“But he also made a wider contribution to the development of our country and we have advanced but I believe so far that a lot of the things today are being taken for granted… When he was in his early period he helped to fight for the recognition of Hinduism, he had to fight to have the equality of religion in our country. But more than that he made an enormous contribution to the education field as well…. significant and important contributions of the development of society…,” the former Head of State declared.

He posited that the late Swami had fought for the equality of religion in Guyana when there was a period in which those who were not of the Christian faith could not have secured jobs in the teaching, nursing and other public service professions.

“All of that has changed substantially and he made an important contribution where he didn’t have to deny who he was to promote the equality of religion in our society. Today there are ominous signs in our society, things that can take us backwards…and we must use the example of the life of Swami to inspire us to ensure that we do not have a reversal of those gains that we have made in this society and in that way we will be making a contribution to perpetuating his life. His work that is left here with us today and to ensure that the efforts that he made will not go in vain,” Ramotar added.

Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, Venkatachalam Mahalingam, in his tribute stated that he, like the rest of the country, has great respect for the late Swami and is sure that God will bless him because he has served not only those in his country but in other parts of the world as well.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo told those attending the crematoria service that although the spiritual leader was no longer alive, he will be born again in memories, in every student who has seen the light of knowledge and who has seen the light of spirituality and learning.

“He has given to us that touch that says we are not simply human, we are human beings with a consciousness that tells us that life is much more than material things, mansions and cars and palaces. And he had lived a life not of ostentatiousness, he has lived a life of simplicity and service without expectation of rewards… And when Sase Kowlessar, then Minister, invited me to come to the Ashram on one of those occasions of Maha Shiv Ratri, it was a great delight that I met the person for whom I had great admiration… and when I came again when the lotus temple was open and so on that occasion I felt the touch of his holiness when he asked me to sit beside him, not at his feet, he asked me to sit beside him and he knew that I was troubled then and I believe that leaving him that day I became firmer, I became resolved that there was nothing that I couldn’t overcome if I decided that I should put my mind to the task of service, selflessly and without rewards,” the Prime Minister said.

He related that during his recent trip to Mexico it was his “obsession” to secure funding for something that was “lofty… something more intangible, stronger, more powerful, imperishable.” As such, he requested from the Spanish nation funding for the construction and establishment of a creative arts institute.

“I asked the authorities in Mexico if they could fund the building of an institute of fine or creative arts where you could have simultaneously the teaching of dancing, music, you could teach sculpture, you could teach languages; that they are all part and parcel of what is missing in our life. The finer side of our life, the creative side of our life, it would enhance our spirituality, it would make us perfect… and harmonise us with who we ought to be, not labourers alone but to tap the better angels of our souls and to become creative and to be whole as human beings. I pay this tribute today to all the relatives of the Swamiji, all those who have followed his example…,” he added.

Meanwhile, Former Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, recalled the early days when he had met with the spiritual leader, describing him as a religious man who was peaceful, humble and lived a simple lifestyle while contributing to the development of Guyana.

According to Education Minister, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, he met the late Swami when he had visited the Ashram years ago to create a film based on Shivratri.

“I want to say a little bit about what sitting with him, and talking to him meant. When I had finished my film on Shivratri I called it an experience of belief and by that I meant to say not only what the film was demonstrating was the experience of Hindus, but also about my own experience of their belief. And the Swami was extremely generous in his conversations with me. He knew that I was a skeptic to say the very least and he did not try to persuade me …but we sat there and emanated the kind of peace and sense of self,” the Education Minister said. (

Guyana-born New York Assemblywoman elected to State Senate

New York State Senator, Roxanne Persaud

New York State Senator, Roxanne Persaud

Guyana-born Legislator Roxanne Jacqueline Persaud, was elected to the New York Senate on November 3, 2015 after defeating her two challengers in the elections for the 19th Senatorial District. Back in November 2014, she became the first female, first black, first Guyanese to hold the position of assembly member for the 59th Assembly District in Brooklyn, New York.

Persaud, 49, polled 6,980 votes, or 88 per cent of the votes cast, while Jeffrey Ferretti, the Republic Party challenger, received 702 votes, or nine per cent; and Conservative Party opponent Elias Weir got 245 votes, or three per cent.

“Great! Great!” she told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) late Tuesday night. “Fabulous! I’m happy all the waiting is over, so I can get to do the work,” added Persaud amid victory celebrations at the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club in Canarsie that had endorsed her.

“It shows hard work pays off,” said Persaud, who had migrated from Guyana with her parents and siblings, when she was 19 years old. She said she had no qualms running for Sampson’s old seat.

Guyanese-American New York State Senator John L. Sampson was convicted in July of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in a U.S. federal corruption case.

“I’m not happy with what’s happening, but you have to do what you have to do. When an opportunity presents itself, you follow, and you do it. I know I can continue my work. As senator, I will work to bring all the communities together and to make sure they have equal representation.”

She said her dedication to serving her community motivated her to serve in various capacities. She was President of the 69th Precinct Community Council in Canarsie, member of Community Board 18 and Commissioner on the New York City Districting Commission. In addition, Persaud said she is a graduate of the New York Police Department (NYPD) Citizens Police Academy, as well as the New York City Office of Emergency Management-Community Emergency Response Team. She is a “longtime advocate for her community and an avid volunteer.” (CMC)

Dynamic Airways plane catches fire at Fort Lauderdale Airport during departure for Venezuela

planeAccording to a report from CBS, firefighters have put out a plane fire at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport.

Airport spokesman Greg Meyer was quoted by CBS as saying that an engine of the Air Dynamic Boeing 767 caught fire as the plane was departing for Venezuela.

An aircraft taxiing behind the Boeing 767 reported that fuel was leaking from the aircraft before the fire started. Passengers evacuated via slides onto the taxiway.

Twitter video taken by passengers in other planes shows the thick black smoke billowing from the left side of the plane as the left engine burned.

Firefighters stationed at the airport were quick to put out the flames using thick, white foam.

At least two emergency chutes from the plane deployed and everyone was evacuated safely.

The airport is open utilizing the remaining open runway.

Dynamic Airways operates a number of 767 aircraft to several destinations including Guyana from New York.

New York bids farewell to slain Guyanese NYPD Officer

Thousands of police officers turned out on Wednesday to pay their respects to fallen Guyanese NYPD cop Randolph Holder. He will be laid to rest in his native Guyana.

Thousands of police officers turned out on Wednesday to pay their respects to fallen Guyanese NYPD cop Randolph Holder. He will be laid to rest in his native Guyana.

The New York Daily News has reported that thousands of rain-soaked cops packed the streets in Queens Wednesday to honor their slain NYPD brother as a first-rate son, a first-class DJ — and a first-grade detective.

According to NYD News, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced the posthumous promotion for Officer Randolph Holder, who received a standing ovation inside the Queens church where his body rested inside a gold casket.

Mayor de Blasio, in a pointed political message, said the Oct. 20 shooting of Holder — allegedly by a drug-addicted career criminal — should mark a turning point in the fight against guns.

In our nation, changes must be made to keep guns out of the hands of criminals,” said the mayor before a church packed with mourners. “In (Holder’s) name, we will not give up.”

The Rev. Leslie Mullings, who led the 2-hour service in the Greater Allen AME Cathedral in Jamaica, called for a crackdown on the trafficking of out-of-state guns in New York.

Randolph Holder

Randolph Holder

The .40-caliber weapon that police believe was used to kill Holder, 33, came to East Harlem from South Carolina, police said.

Tyrone (Peanut) Howard, 30, was arrested after Holder’s partner shot him in the leg as the suspect tried to flee the murder scene in East Harlem, police said.

Earning a detective’s shield was one of Holder’s highest goals as a cop after he immigrated to New York from his native Guyana in 2002 to join his dad.

Bratton also read from a 2010 letter written by Holder in which the aspiring cop details his motivation to join the force. “I decided I could be a role model and make a difference,” he wrote.

Holder, on the force five years, was also eulogized by his fiancée and his aunt. Several speakers mentioned his skill as a DJ for family parties.

“Even as we mourn his death, we celebrate,” said his aunt Margaret Holder. “To be out of the body is to be with the Lord. May his soul rest in peace.”

Holder will be buried in his native Guyana. He leaves behind a large family, including a 16-year-old daughter.

Guyana on cusp of national crisis – PPP

PPP/C General Secretary Clement Rohee

PPP/C General Secretary
Clement Rohee

Realising that the local economy is slowly grinding to a halt, among other problems affecting the country, the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) Opposition has developed and proposed a 26-point demand to the Government that may see some semblance of survival for the country’s economic stability.

PPP/C General Secretary Clement Rohee asserted that Guyana is on a cusp of national crisis and on that note disclosed the 26-point demand its members crafted.

At the party’s weekly media conference on Monday, Rohee said the party proposes that the Government should end the political and racial discrimination and the arbitrary dismissals of public servants and young professionals; resuscitate the Gy$30,000 per month Amerindian CSO programme; re-reinstate the “Because We Care Gy$10,000 per Child” programme and reinstate electricity and water subsidies for pensioners.

In addition, the Party is also calling for the end of the controversy over Berbice River Bridge; the need to revoke the astronomical salary increases and benefits to top Government officials and Members of Parliament and provide satisfactory wage and salary increases to public servants.

According to Rohee, the PPP/C has also proposed that there be an immediate relief to rice farmers, in particular, and the farming community in general by providing subsidy for fuel, spare parts and necessary tools for the sustenance of the industry. Continue investments and all-round support to the sugar industry and provide liveable wages for sugar workers were also called on the demand of the party.

The party is also calling for the restoration of the Petro-Caribe Agreement with Venezuela; the need to push for greater access to Caribbean rice markets and the reduction of the royalties for medium and small scale miners.

Rohee also reiterated the call for the reduction of passenger fares for travel on Government ferries throughout the country; the need to address the steep fall in income and employment in towns and municipalities throughout the country and the necessity to restore the plans and programmes to address rising crime and the security sector reform as was proposed under the PPP/C Administration.

The Party is also calling for the need to address immediately the rapid decline of production, in the forestry, fishing, farming and quarry sectors and for immediate steps to be taken to revive the national economy and restore its vibrancy and robustness to the pre-May 2015 levels.

Among the other demands the PPP/C is seeking are that steps be taken to revitalise the construction sector; that there is a guarantee to ensure that the livelihood of the Amerindians and Hinterland communities are not further impaired; and the resumption of the critical Amaila Falls Hydro-power project.

The Party is also calling for the need to respect and uphold parliamentary democracy: that consultations commence with all stakeholders, with a view to carrying out reforms of the electoral system, laws and at GECOM.

“The PPP/C will mobilise around these demands and work assiduously to win the broadest possible support around them,” Rohee stated.

Rohee also highlighted that the current Administration appears to be “oblivious to the social and economic repercussions in the daily lives of the Guyanese working people including their own supporters who are feeling the pinch and seeing the much vaunted “good Life” evaporate before their very eyes.”

It is on this basis that the 26-point demand was proposed, he noted.